The events shown below are brought to your attention as they may be of interest to some of you. Unless otherwise stated the University of Kent is not involved in any of them and cannot endorse any. 

*Events being uploaded all the time! Keep checking

Notes about this page

  • This page includes events for those who are interested in legal careers.
  • Whilst we are not able to endorse any of the events we do makes consider who is running them and the content before we bring them to your attention.
  • 99% of the events are free to attend. There are a couple of events each year which cost a small amount of money (less than £50) which we think offer value.   We do not endorse or promote any other opportunities which come at a cost to the student.

How to use this page:

  • There are a number of organisations that have regular events throughout the year (including the holidays – stay switched on!) which you can attend for free.   It is too time consuming for us to list each and every one of these so we have given you the link to the events listings page on their websites although sometimes we also highlight some that we think are relevant.
  • There is no way you can attend everything!  Be selective.
  • Legal recruitment does start in stage 1 and, thus, it is not easy to say that a particular event is relevant to a particular year group.
  • Events which are not specifically about legal careers but which may develop your skills or knowledge for a legal career are at the end of this page.



Shearman and Sterling. We have a number of deadlines approaching for our events taking place in our London office. We have some fantastic opportunities for you to join us over the coming weeks and months, including:

Being LGBTQ+ in Law Conference – 10 May
B.U.I.L.D. @ Shearman – 4-28 July

Head Start – for 1st year students – 3 May

Opportunities – Shearman & Sterling

  • Guru Nanak Social Mobility Scholarships 2023
    This year’s essay competition is now open to all aspiring barristers from working class backgrounds, regardless of faith or non-faith. This year’s question is:What is the role of a lawyer in a democracy?

    First prize is again £4K plus mentoring with all genuine applicants being offered help with pupillage applications. The deadline is 21 August 2023 so be productive this summer!
    Full details here:

    For previous winners since 2018 and their essays, please visit:

Organisations with on-going Legal Events Schedules


Home – LawCareersNetLIVE 

See website for information, events, FAQ, blogs and videos   ‘Aspiring Solicitors’ is an organisation that provides many legal opportunities. You will need to register to take part and to receive a monthly newsletter.  You can also follow them on FB and be a member of the Kent Aspiring Solicitors FB page here.  They have annual conferences on: Social Mobility / Ability / Working Families / Culture Women and Pride. – home page for all of their events including diversity courses and law fair  – the page specifically listing the speaker programme.   Includes “How to…” talks such as how to write a good application / how to choose a firm etc;   “Insight” talks including law firms talking about their firms and lawyers talking about specific areas of practice.

CMS virtual event series again this year. Our 12 part series covers three main topics; application preparation, life at CMS, and skills sessions on commercial awareness, imposter syndrome and communicating with impact (and much more). All remaining events are available to sign up to here. The series provides students will invaluable information about our application process, how to stand out from the crowd during the assessment process and will really help them get to grips with whether legal services and CMS is for them. We are half way through the series now however all the sessions have been recorded and are be available a few days after the event happens. All the recordings can be found here.

Events · CMS Early Talent

CMS Virtual Event Series 2022 – watch it here · CMS Early Talent  Includes daily talks:  “How to…” talks such as how to write a good application / how to choose a firm etc;   “Insight” talks including law firms talking about their firms and lawyers talking about specific areas of practice.

Kent has a Campus Ambassador and a dedicated Instagram account: sign up and get reminders of the events :(@bpp_ca_kentuni)  – not exclusively law but some are and all are useful.  Not as many events as the above but there are 3-day events/internships too.  Past attendees have got a lot out of these opportunities.

Inns of Court – events for future barristers

To find out what is happening at the other Inns  trawl through their full calendar!

Events around London
These lists have been put together because they are London based but they are offered by a wide range of organisations:

  • The great list has been put together by someone at City Law School – it captures some key events taking place in and around London (and, of course, on-line).
  • This group includes all sorts of events about working in commercial/corporate law.



  • For events in non-legal career areas see the LSSJ Employability blog or CES, Careers, Events
  • Are you interested in enterprise / starting your own business / gaining leadership skills? Then look at the opportunities offered by ASPIRE. They offer free support and training for you to develop your own business. Click here to visit their page.
  • Target Jobs – you can check their website here to see what they are offering this month.
  • Rate My Placement: here 
  • Virtual Internships in a range of industries, including tech, finance and law firms-