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This blog makes no attempt to list pupillages and training contracts – this is left to those websites which specialise in such listings i.e. LawCareers.Net / AllAboutLaw (see the Careers Information page). However, occasionally a set of Chambers or a solicitors Firm will write to KLS or the Careers & Employability Service specifically and ask us to advertise their vacancies. This page will detail those personal approaches. Unless indicated KLS has no special relationship with the Chambers/firm and is not able to make any kind of endorsement. The details are brought to you on this platform for convenience.

KENT’S LATEST VACANCIES    Keep an eye on the University’s Careers Hub (there is a vacancy database) http://www.kent.ac.uk/careers/jobs/index.htm which is updated almost daily throughout the year with new vacancies. You can register to search the database for specific vacancies and to be emailed when new vacancies of relevant interest to you are added.   There is also  an automatic Twitter feed of all the vacancies that are posted on the Vacancy Database, which can be accessed at https://twitter.com/unikentemploy


Training Contracts

The following websites collate the vast majority of the training contracts available with full details of the firm, deadlines, salary etc.  You are able to build a profile on-line and save your searches.

Paralegals and other legally related jobs

Firstly – what is a paralegal?  There is no fixed definition but a paralegal is generally considered to be a person working in a legally related capacity who is not qualified as a lawyer. They are not able to give advice and their work must be supervised.  Paralegals may do legal administration, research, case preparation and more. You can read more about what a paralegal is at Paralegal job profile | Prospects.ac.uk

Many new graduates seek paralegal jobs straight after their degree to build their experience/earn money/explore the legal profession further before making their career decisions.   Some jobs will ask for LPC/SQE or previous experience but, it is possible to get into this type of work straight from your degree and during it.   Here’s some advice:  How to become a Paralegal with no experience (totallylegal.com)

The numbers of paralegals are increasing and more and more firms are recruiting their trainees from their paralegals.   As such, organisations specialising in helping you to find paralegal work are increasing.   The below are brought to you in the hope that they will help but KLS cannot endorse any of them specifically and, it is NOT a comprehensive list and are in no particular order.

Professional bodies:

Legal vacancy listings


  • https://flex.legal/apply/paralegals   This is an agency with a difference and they have found both part time and permanent work for Kent students and graduates.  Worth a look.
  • Linked In job search
  • Google – i.e. ‘legal assistant’, ‘paralegal’, ‘barrister’s assistant’
  • Search individual law firms and barristers’ chambers websites.
  • The University Vacancy Database University of Kent Careers & Employability Service
  • KLS and CES will often receive details of paralegal positions during the summer.  These are usually jobs in Kent firms/organisations and they may never be advertised anywhere else.   These will be sent by email to the relevant recipients (usually those who have just graduated and LLM candidates) as an when they arrive.  So, make sure you do keep looking at your university emails.  Sometimes, they are also put onto Linked In.
  • Network – attend events (one student had a mini mock interview at the Kent Law Fair in and was instantly offered paralegal work for summer and a training contract when she had finished her degree!!!!

Legal Recruitment Agencies
The following is not a comprehensive list and is mostly on recommendation by Kent alumni.   We cannot endorse any specifically and do not have relationships with any of them.


Generally, a job will be advertised as and when the position needs to be filled.  Which means that you should be thinking about starting a proper search 2-3 months ahead of the time when you will be ready to start work.   However, there will be some times when positions are advertised ahead of this.  My advice is to make some time once a month to peruse some of the job search websites above up to 12 months ahead of when you want a paralegal job.  This will allow you time to familiarise yourself with the types of positions that come up and the requirements of the job and the skills, qualities and experiences they ask for giving you time to add to your profile if you need too.   But, don’t worry if you haven’t the time to do this or you didn’t think about it so early.   Just start looking when you are ready.


To get free up-to-date information about the paralegal world subscribe to The Paralegal – the journal for the paralegal profession. Visit The Paralegal Newsletter | The IOP

All Jobs

See the listings on the central Careers & Employability Services’ website here:  https://www.kent.ac.uk/ces/student/findajob.html