Professional Mentoring Scheme APPLY NOW CLOSING DATE EXTENDED TO MIDNIGHT 21st Oct

If you are in stage 2 or above and aim to enter the legal profession you may benefit by having a professional mentor.   We have approximately 50 mentors drawn from our alumni whom are willing to assist you with your career development for one academic year.   This is an ideal opportunity for any student but, particularly for those whom have had limited legal work experience or do not know anyone whom works in law.  

Mentors sign up to support  you by responding to your email enquiries about your career development.  However, many choose to go futher and will often speak with you by phone or in person.   They may help you with a whole range of things including knowledge or processes of training and employers; CV guidance, Linked In; work experience and  professional networking.

If you wish to apply for a mentor complete the application form on Moodle (see ‘module’ EMP14 Employability & Career Development), attach a CV (it doesn’t have to be a perfect one) and send to me ( by midnight on 21st October.