Stand and Deliver

How you stand as a choir is an all-important part of the delivery of a programme; from the moment a choir walks out in front of an audience, it’s judged by everything it does, even before it has sung a note.

The way a singer stands conveys their whole attitude to performing. Too casual, and the audience thinks that you don’t take what you are doing seriously; keep your head buried in your copy, and it will think that you don’t know your music. Feet crossed means you’re not really planning on staying around too long, and aren’t therefore really all that bothered with the concert…

As I have been saying to the choir in recent rehearsals, you have to stand with authority, projecting an attitude of confidence; one that says ‘I’m in command of this repertoire.’ And everyone has to stand in this manner, as the eyes of the audience will be drawn to anyone standing differently from everyone else. It’s also a part of getting into the mentality of performing the task in hand – if you stand properly, not only will it facilitate correct breathing, but it also focuses your mind – ‘I’m performing now.’


Make sure your Choir members are all standing with authority.

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