In-Choir Within: Matt Bamford

Meeting some of the singers with the University Chamber Choir. This week, bass and student-conductor, Matt Bamford.

How did you get into choral singing ? I started singing as a member of the Lichfield Operatic Society whilst taking part in their musicals. I properly made the transition to choral singing when I joined the University Chorus at the beginning of my first year.

Fine conduct: Matt Bamford

Fine conduct: Matt Bamford

What’s your favourite piece ? It’s difficult to name one piece in particular as my favorite. I’m a big fan of Eric Whitacre though, in particular his Alleluia.

What’s your best/worst memory about singing in a choir ? I’ve had many funny moments whilst singing in choirs. The highlight is probably singing in the naive of Canterbury Cathedral. One of the most awkward moments was during school when our conductor fell almost a bar out of time with the Organ during the Carol Service. It was a very interesting rendition of the Shepherd’s Pipe Carol!

What do you find the most inspirational aspect of choral singing ? Choral Singing is great fun and is a really good way to get away from the stresses of university life. The feeling when you end a piece that has gone really well is a feeling that you don’t really get anywhere else. I’m really looking forward to both singing and conducting in the acoustics of the Crypt of Canterbury Cathedral in a few months’ time.


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