In-Choir Within: Matthew Norman

Meeting some of the singers with the University Chamber Choir. This week, bass Matthew Norman.

Pipped to the post ?

Pipped to the post ?

How did you get into choral singing? At the age of eight, after a much acclaimed performance as Mr. Tomato in the play Mr. Tomato, it was suggested that I join my local choir.

What’s your favourite piece? I am very fond of Eric Whitacre’s work, especially Sleep. Its haunting dissonance is beautiful and never fails to move the audience and myself.

What is your best and worst memory of singing in a choir? I do not have one standout memory of my choral experiences. Instead, I enjoy the togetherness and friendship you earn through long hours of rehearsal. I relish that one intangible moment where the choir’s sound clicks, leaving all involved speechless.

In stark comparison, my worst memory is arriving at a rehearsal vaguely inebriated, after birthday celebrations, and struggling to count!

What do you find the most inspirational aspect of choral singing? Its intrinsic ability to transcend life’s trials and tribulations. No matter how stressed or anxious you may be, choral singing has a somewhat cathartic ability to relax you and put your worries into perspective.

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