Current Exhibition


Silent Disco

27 June – 2 July

Monday – Friday 10:00 – 16:00

Saturday 10:00 – 15:00

Admission Always Free

Using a variety of media, MA Fine Art Students from the University of Kent’s School of Music and Fine Art attempt to show “a piece of themselves” through a range of themes; from culture and identity to narrative and perception.  These themes manifest themselves in a variety of ways; from tactile sculptures, which you are invited to touch, to a documentary detailing secret tunnels in Kent that are on the brink of collapse, to an exploration of cultural identity within the British Asian Community.

Within the space, visitors will find various opportunities to find themselves contained within their own experience through using headphones in order to mimic ideas and feelings surrounding ‘a silent disco’ in which participants partake in their own personal experience of the space, that appears silent to those looking in but is in fact bursting with sound.

The MA artists showcasing their work in this exhibition are all at different points in both their lives and their practice; some are graduating, some are continuing with their MA’s next year, some are venturing into new and exciting directions and some are establishing themselves in their chosen medium. This exhibition offers an exciting insight into the range of ideas possible, through art, in our world.

There is no Private View; It is a Silent Disco.

Thank you and good night.






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