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Pay freeze – latest updates

Update as of 2 October 2023 This is to confirm that in the recent consultation of all UCU members, 98% voted to reject senior management’s ‘pay freeze’ proposal. At the time of writing, there are no further updates on what senior management intend to do with regard to their ‘pay freeze’ proposal, but the branch …

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Kent 2030: Q&A and Feedback

Thanks so much to everyone who came along to Wednesday’s branch meeting to offer your views on the ‘teaching-intensive’ plans within Kent’s 2030 strategy. Particular thanks are due to those who joined us for a drink and a catch-up at the Dolphin afterward too. Your feedback about how you anticipate Kent 2030 will affect you …

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National strikes called off at Kent

Kent UCU members have voted by a comfortable margin for the branch to be exempt from the planned national strike days (25-29 September). The National Higher Education Committee (HEC) have now confirmed that Kent will be exempt from national strike days, along with numerous other branches. Members who wanted to strike are invited to support …

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Kent UCU win – Arts and Humanities

No A&H CRs this academic year Senior management will not be making any compulsory redundancies of academics in A&H this academic year. While senior management recently ripped up a deal on this issue, because they have made their intended cuts this year by other means, it is likely they will try to regain some credibility by …

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No confidence in A&H Divisional Leadership

In the first 24hrs alone, well over a hundred staff supported the statement of no confidence in the Arts & Humanities Divisional Leadership (see email for link). The leadership *went on annual leave* for a quarter of the formal “consultation period”, after which their colleagues can be made compulsorily redundant. This is emblematic of the whole …

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50% threshold crushed

You’ve done it again: you’ve beaten the government’s anti-trade union law, which requires 50% of eligible voters to vote in a postal ballot in order for industrial action to go ahead lawfully. You will also have the opportunity to vote on any industrial action strategy at a branch meeting before anything goes ahead.   Most importantly …

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Management go on holiday

Staff in A&H have put together the following statement of no confidence in the A&H divisional leadership and are asking all members to support it as soon as possible. This petition is internal to the University of Kent. Check your email to find the link to add your name.   Management go on holiday: No …

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Sign the Petition!

Click here to sign our public petition regarding EG’s reckless decision to tear up their commitment to no compulsory redundancies.

EG shreds ‘No CRs’ Guarantee

The Kent Executive Group (EG) have ripped up their guarantee of ‘No compulsory redundancies as a result of the A&H review’. This was their guarantee: “Karen and the Executive Group wish to provide a further specific commitment to all Arts and Humanities staff that there will be no  compulsory redundancies as a result of the …

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Kent UCU win

“Student Cap” Policy changed by National UCU, thanks to Kent-CCCU Motion At the UCU Congress in Glasgow last week, the motion on reintroducing student distribution in HE was passed, and it has now become National UCU policy. The motion was proposed by Dave Hitchcock (CCCU) and seconded by Balihar Sanghera (Kent). UCU will commission research …

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