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Today management have opened a 30 day consultation and voluntary redundancy scheme on the potential closure of several degree courses, which has put 58 academic colleagues ‘at risk’ of redundancy. These courses are:

  • Anthropology [Note that Conservation is NOT at risk]
  • Journalism
  • Health & Social Care
  • Religious Studies
  • Philosophy
  • Music & Audio Technology
  • Art History
  • English Language & Linguistics
  • Comparative Literature
  • Modern Languages

As it stands, these courses are recruiting for the September 2024 UG student intake, and management have to legally consult with staff and trade unions before any withdrawals can take place, due to the potential impact on academic staff jobs.


Each subject area under threat will be allocated a UCU committee member to work with affected colleagues and help coordinate any collective response they wish to make. This is in addition to any one-to-one caseworker members request (see below).

Your UCU committee are meeting tomorrow (Thursday) and will schedule a branch meeting next week, offering members the chance to discuss, strategise and vote on a motion launching an industrial action ballot. We have a live industrial dispute which sets out the UCU position against compulsory redundancies and we are ready to defend you. We have also mobilised an exceptional level of regional and national UCU resources in an innovative campaign that includes lobbying local MPs.

Widely respected, independent financial expert Andrew McGettigan demonstrated in his report to the branch that Kent senior management are entirely to blame for the university’s financial situation and that the current state of affairs cannot be blamed on sector trends or broader circumstances. Email Matt Howard ( for a copy of McGettigan’s presentation.


Get UCU Casework Advice & Other Support 

Complete this short form if you have received correspondence from HR formally placing you ‘at risk’ of redundancy and need UCU caseworker advice. Due to the volume of enquiries, emailing another UCU contact about this matter is likely to cause delays. Here is some basic guidance for affected members.

If you have NOT been put ‘at risk’, but need UCU caseworker advice regarding your individual situation at work, please email Kester (

For all other enquiries – such as questions about the current situation, or campaigning ideas – email Matt ( He is triaging and forwarding all enquiries as appropriate to ensure those needing urgent representation are not missed. You may also wish to be in touch with these colleagues who volunteered to be UCU contacts in your department [see email for link]. Please note however that caseworker advice and your elected committee should be accessed via the routes above.