When UCU takes industrial action, it typically makes hardship funds available to members facing deductions from pay.

In national disputes, national UCU sets the parameters for claims, such as how many days of action are covered and how much of the loss can be paid from the fund.

University of Kent UCU then usually passes a branch motion to top up these hardship funds, for example by covering extra days. Details of the proposed motion will be sent to members by email before the meeting. Once a motion is passed, emails will be sent to members about it.

The exact details always depend upon the amount of action being taken and the expected employer deductions.

Our current claim process is available HERE. In general, we need proof of deductions (e.g. payslip) and then bank details to make a payment.

Please send any queries to the current local hardship committee (Owen Lyne: owenlyne@gmail.com, Daniel Bearup: daniel.bearup.acad@gmail.com, and Roger Giner-Sorolla: r.s.giner-sorolla@kent.ac.uk).