JSNCC is a forum for consultation between the University of Kent and its staff, on all matters of mutual interest.  As it is a joint body it has been agreed that chairing, deciding the agenda and agreeing the minutes should also be done jointly.

UCU seeks to collaborate with other staff unions on issues of common interest including through the JSNCC. Your local UCU committee members attend the JSNCC and are always interested in hearing from branch members about issues which should be put forward and your views on proposals from the employer. Most papers and minutes are published on the JSNCC web pages, including items for consultation and negotiation.

There are currently two sub-JSNCC working groups meeting throughout the year, on which UCU also has representation. The first is concerned with the Kent 2030 programme of work, and the other aims to identify non-staff cost savings to help make the University more financially sustainable and secure jobs in the longer term.

A further working group will be established in the near future to consult on the workload allocation framework and related matters.