Important update for ‘at risk’ members

Individual Meetings

  • We expect senior management to initiate a second round of individual meetings with colleagues formally ‘at risk’ of redundancy. We expect the meetings to take place over a period of only a few days, starting on the 20th and to be completed ‘by 25th March’.
  • ‘At risk’ members should be in touch with the UCU colleague who has been providing one-to-one support and accompanying them to meetings.
  • Some accompanying colleagues may not be available for all meetings. If that is the case, the accompanying colleague should get in touch with Kester to try to find a substitute. This is so we can allocate support efficiently.
  • Senior management are unlikely to be very flexible with the short period in which individual meetings are scheduled, but we recommend that ‘at risk’ members attend their individual meeting.
  • Check Kester’s recent email for the branch’s guidance for members.
  • If you are not at risk, please consider accompanying a colleague to one of the above meetings by replying to Kester’s email. If not enough colleagues volunteer, the branch may struggle to represent you in a timely fashion if you yourself have a problem at work, or to effectively fight cuts to research and additional jobs. This is because a large number of 1:1 meetings is difficult to cover with limited resources.

Recap of Ballot Actions

Recap of Ballot Basics

  • We have a live ballot for industrial action to defend the 58 colleagues formally put ‘at risk’ of redundancy due to proposed course closures.
  • This is also a ballot to defend your research from cuts planned by senior management, including in areas that are not ‘at risk’ of redundancy. Research cuts could be the first step in reducing staff in these areas too.
  • The best chance of defending jobs and research is to prove to senior management that it will not be worth the industrial & financial risk to do so. If they see a low ballot turnout, they are far more likely to cut as much of your research and/or jobs as they can.
  • You must post your ballot as soon as possible. Last time, you won the ballot by two votes: if you don’t vote, you are very likely lose the ballot and your job and/or research is far more likely to be cut.

Other issues & enquiries

  • For all enquiries – such as questions about the current situation, or campaigning ideas – email Matt ( He is triaging and forwarding all enquiries as appropriate to ensure those needing urgent support are not missed. Check Kester’s email for details of colleagues who volunteered to be UCU contacts in your department. Please note however that one-to-one support and your elected committee should be accessed via Matt.