Kent 2030: Q&A and Feedback

Thanks so much to everyone who came along to Wednesday’s branch meeting to offer your views on the ‘teaching-intensive’ plans within Kent’s 2030 strategy. Particular thanks are due to those who joined us for a drink and a catch-up at the Dolphin afterward too. Your feedback about how you anticipate Kent 2030 will affect you and your subject-area will continue to inform our local discussions, so please keep communicating with UCU. It would be helpful and very much appreciated if you’d continue to give us feedback on Kent 2030 by filling in the form (see email for link).

In case you missed it buried among all the other staff communications, we’d also encourage you to sign up here for the University’s Kent 2030 Update and Q&A from 2.00-3.30pm on Tuesday 3 October. We should use this as an opportunity to continue to offer our views frankly, especially in light of the strategic blunders that have led to the University’s falling league table performance overall, and in light of the announcement in the recent staff newsletter that the University has been awarded ‘Silver’ in the Teaching Excellence Framework (it used to be ‘Gold’). We appreciate the severe demands on your time during the week but a good showing from staff here cannot go amiss.