National strikes called off at Kent

Kent UCU members have voted by a comfortable margin for the branch to be exempt from the planned national strike days (25-29 September). The National Higher Education Committee (HEC) have now confirmed that Kent will be exempt from national strike days, along with numerous other branches. Members who wanted to strike are invited to support the ongoing local dispute, and/or reply to this email to help with the national ballot to mobilise enough colleagues for the national dispute in future.

This is a remobilisation towards local issues

Large numbers of you stressed that you wished to prioritise local issues, such as job security. You also voted this as your number one area of concern in our Alternative Staff Survey.

Vital branch meeting – Wednesday 1pm (27th September)

This will be one of the most important branch meetings of the year, with updates on the local dispute and other pressing local issues such as ‘teaching intensive’ plans, the proposed local ‘pay freeze’ and possible changes to the structure of the academic year. We encourage all members to attend this meeting.

Check your email for meeting details (Zoom link and in-person location).