Monthly Archives: October 2019

PSAC director to present at annual Wimbledon BookFest

The academic director of the Paris School of Arts and Culture Professor Ben Hutchinson will present his new publication, Comparative Literature: A Very Short Introduction (Oxford University Press) at the annual Wimebledon BookFest on Saturday, 5 October 2019. Professor Hutchinson will take part in the Intellectual Speed Dating event, and present with three other authors who have also published in Oxford University Press’ Very Short Introduction series.

High-level but digestible overviews written by experts in their field, the Very Short Introduction series is a wonderful way to discover a new subject.

Conceived as a form of “intellectual speed dating”, at the BookFest the audience will be split into small groups and will move around the event space, enjoying ten minutes with each of four authors for a pithy introduction to the topics covered.

Further information including ticketing can be found by visiting the Wimbledon BookFest website.