Xercise Factor boot camp – it’s on!

What do you get when you combine knowledge, determination and some good ole fashion sweat? That’s right! The Xercise Factor is back and now – it’s boot camp time!

Seven lucky participants are going to be put through the ringer in order to be crowned champion of Kent Sport’s Xercise Factor. Who has the will to keep going and to push themselves beyond? It is a complete overhaul of exercise and lifestyle habits – only the truly committed will succeed!

Meet the contestants

Omar Alkahily, studentOmar A Profile Pic
Mentor: Oli Prior
Why Omar has the Xercise Factor:
Personally I want to be knowledgeable in health and fitness so that I can be a positive role model to others.



Danniella Profile PicDaniella Betsworth, student
Mentor: Darius Ashtari
Why Daniella has the Xercise Factor
I have the motivation and determination to lose weight and get fit.




rosieRosie Leavy, student
Mentor: Chris Payne
Why Rosie has the Xercise Factor
I want to be strong and fit through strength training to feel good at something again (even though it can’t be football).


janetJanet Ogunwusi, student
Mentor: Jeni Dexter
Why Janet has the Xercise Factor
I am willing to try new challenges and will be very dedicated. I want to start 2015 with a bang and finish it feeling like I accomplished exactly what I aimed to do health wise. I like this version of me but will love the new healthy version more!


Wura O Profile PicWura Oyenekan, student
Mentor: Ben Roberts
Why Wura has the Xercise Factor
I always push through because I know what I’m aiming towards – Mind Over Matter! (I will also stop at nothing to get dem GAINS!)



slywiaSylwia Wojciechowska, student
Mentor: Mike Burrell
Why Sylwia has the Xercise Factor
I want to get fit – I have the motivation, but lacking on guidance to pursue my goals.



Find out more about each contestant on our website where they’ll continually update a blog where they’ll discuss their transformation.

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