Apr 16

On trial: Digital National Security Archive

You have trial access to the Digital National Security Archive until 15 May 2014,

The Digital National Security Archive contains the most comprehensive set of declassified government documents available.

The resource includes 41 collections consisting of over 101,000 indexed documents, with more than 712,000 total pages.  Each of these collections, compiled by scholars and experts, covers the most critical world events, countries, and U.S. policy decisions from post World War II through the 21st century.

Together, these collections offer unparalleled access to the defining international strategies of our time. Glossaries, chronologies, bibliographies, overviews, and photographs are included.

Please email comments and feedback to: eresources@kent.ac.uk


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Apr 16

Free activities to help you look after yourself


Information Services has teamed up with Student Well-being Services, University Medical Centre Psychological Therapies, Kent Union and Kent Sports to host a range of wellbeing activities in Canterbury during the exam season.

These include:

  • a Wellbeing exhibition in the Templeman Library – useful titles on managing stress and smart exam working, on display for you to borrow. There is also a range of e-books you can borrow now!
  • a Wellbeing walk: a 30-minute lunchtime stroll to introduce you to walking mindfully. Have you ever taken notice of your walking? Mindfulness offers some deceptively simple but effective ways to re-energise brain and body, that you can use anywhere and any time to help you focus your mind. The first 50 to join the walk can also grab a Wellbeing goody bag!
  • a TeePee in front of the Library: a haven of relaxation that will host foot massages and Tai Chi sessions as well as offer free fruit and drinks!

More about the activities

Wellbeing exhibition

22 April – 30 May
Some of the best titles the Library holds about stress management and exam techniques are on display in the Templeman Library Welcome Hall. Please browse and borrow from the table! Take a look, and borrow any title from the display that appeals to you. Look at the range of e-books on offer too!

Wellbeing walk

Meet at the Library Welcome Hall 1pm, 16 May
Are you guilty of working too hard and neglecting the needs of your body? Your body and brain are inter-linked and what is good for one is good for the other! Come with us for a guided Well-being walk, just half an hour long and suitable for wheelchair users.

We’ll enjoy our beautiful outside space on campus, taking in the sights and sounds to exercise your body and refresh your mind. The first 50 people to join us can take away a stress-relieving goody bag, which we hope you’ll find useful.

We will end the walk at the TeePee outside the Library, where free refreshments will be on-hand!  

See what a difference half an hour can make! For the rest of the day you may find that you focus better and are more relaxed around your work than you were previously.

Staff are welcome too! During busy times in the office, it’s easy to get tempted not to take a break and carry on working. Check out the Staff well-being website for tips on managing your stress levels and learn why it’s important to leave your desk for lunch or go for a walk to give your brain a break!

Wellbeing TeePee

12 May – 23 May, located near the Senate building
A place of calm at the heart of campus! The TeePee will be a place you are welcome to come and chill out in. There will be refreshments, as well as some wellbeing activities (to be confirmed!). Kent Union are working closely with student societies and Kent Sport and hope to offer foot massages and Tai Chi in the TeePee – watch this space for confirmation and more details!





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Apr 16

Wellbeing and exams: e-books you can read now

These have been selected for their useful advice in helping you be your best during exams. The range covers everything from exam and study tips to strategies for managing stress or depression.

The Templeman Library has added them to its collections so that you can access them from anywhere, for free.

These books are part of the Wellbeing exhibition in the Templeman Library, where you’ll see books on display in the Welcome Hall to browse and borrow. The exhibition runs until 30 May, and the titles will keep changing as different books are borrowed and returned.


How to pass your exams
Proven techniques for any exam that will guarantee success

Exam-busting tips: how to pass exams the easy way

Say goodbye to anxious exam-day tension and embrace the tranquility of organisation, with this guide to co-ordinating your lifestyle and your revision during the exam period.



The student’s guide to exam success

Tackles the anxieties that cause people to procrastinate, go blank, swot pointlessly or underperform, to change your attitude and help you understand your fears, stop panicking and start enjoying your work, to develop a balanced approach to exams. Practical tips include devising a revision strategy, writing essays, speed-reading, note taking and mind-maps, and remember what you learn.



Mindfulness: a practical guide
How to listen to your body to reduce stress and anxiety; how to focus better at work, how to enjoy life more using mindfulness in everyday actions. Straightforward advice with case studies and step-by-step tips.


Mindfulness made easy: teach yourself
If you have low mood, feel anxious, or just want to learn a technique for gaining control of your mind and feelings, this book is a clear and approachable introduction to the power of Mindfulness.


Stress, depression, anxiety

The relaxation & stress reduction workbook
Easy, step-by-step techniques for calming the body and mind in an increasingly overstimulated world. This workbook is highly regarded by therapists for stress reduction strategies for those with busy lives.relaxation-stress-relief-workbook

When perfect isn’t good enough
Strategies for coping with perfectionism.


Depression: the way out of your prison

Offers you a way of understanding depression to enable you to take charge of your life and change it.


Beating depression: the complete guide to depression and how to overcome it

The variations of depression are explained with simple explanations about causes and help available. Covers a wide range of topics from depression, bipolar disorder and postnatal depression, to alcohol and drugs – and how they can affect depression and recovery.



Overcoming anxiety, stress, and panic: a five areas approach
Using the Five Areas Assessment model of depression, the book uses a proven cognitive behaviour therapy evidence-based approach. It empowers and supports readers to make changes to their lives.


Happiness, positivity, lifestyle


Art of happiness

Buddhist monk Matthieu Ricard shows that happiness is not just an emotion, but a skill that can be developed. Contains twenty-minute exercises to train the mind to recognize and pursue happiness by concentrating on life’s fundamentals, revealing the significant benefits that changing the way we view the world can bring to each of us.


Simple steps to happiness

100 simple inspirational guidelines on how you can enrich your life and replace any unhappiness you are feeling with genuine happiness in a short space of time, by allowing love to flow through your life.


Happiness and the good life
Examination of the meaning of happiness, connecting it to the philosophical notion of ‘the good life’. Explores the ways in which happiness interacts with all other dimensions of good lives.


Physical activity and psychological well-being
Explores the case for exercise in the promotion of mental health and psychological well-beingphysical


The easy step by step guide to being positive and staying positive
How to maintain a positive attitude when the going gets tough? What creates negativity; converting negative energy into positive; using the power of the brain  to change how you think and react; examining life/work balance to understand yourself better.



Study skills and life skills

The Winners Way: a proven method for achieving your personal best in any situation
Tips on how to thrive in times of stress.



How to be a student
100 life hacks for students! Actionable ideas, strategies and tactics to help you work smart manage your studies.howtobeastudent-bigger

Effective study skills 

Essential skills for academic and career success. Covers the practical, aspirational and transferable skills needed by a student to achieve success on any academic course and to secure improved grades.effective-study-skills


Power up your  mind: learn faster, work smarter
Offers a “Ready – Go – Steady” model of learning to revolutionise the way you learn and perform. By concentrating on what happens before and after “learning”, you can use your brain to best effect.


The ultimate study skills handbook
Covers everything university students need to know from exam revision and e-learning to work-life balance.

Managing your learning
Help you assess and build on your strengths, and identify and improve your weaknesses. Each chapter has sections to make personal notes and includes advice on computers, presentations and other study skills.


How to get a good degree
Making the most of your time at university – includes techniques for making the most of contact time, coursework, projects, presentations, vivas, exams and more. Also explores stress, lifestyle and extra-curricular activities.



Study skills for Masters level students
A workbook to help you develop your undergraduate thinking and writing skills to postgraduate level.



Study skills for psychology: succeeding in your degree
Based on a typical Psychology student’s journey, it helps you get started with your course and then tackles how to get the most from lectures, exam preparation, project development, and looking at future career paths.


Key research and study skills in Psychology
Explains jargon and the skills you’ll need including computer skills, note making, study tips, evaluating literature, essay writing, exams, psychological research skills, report writing, and presenting your research.


The business student’s handbook: skills for study and employment
Topics include essay writing, exam techniques, managing your studies, team working, communication, giving presentations, problem solving, project management and being creative.



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Apr 15

Moving: British Government Publications Collection

In the week beginning 21 April most of the remaining British Government Publications Collection, on Level 3 West, will move to the Templeman Library basement Store. The move will not include the Law Commission Papers and House of Lords Journals.


Will I still be able to access the collection?

Yes. You can request the items through a Store request form via the Library catalogue, in the same way as any other items held in the Store.

If an item is requested more than three times it will be moved back to the open shelves as part of the Main Collection.


Why are they being moved?

Consultation with academic staff showed broad support for reorganising of the British Government Publications Collection and prioritising online access.

As much of the official publications material is already in the basement Store, it makes sense to move the remainder of the low use physical holdings on Level 3 West into the same location.

In the short term, this will provide space for the DVD and Video Collection which has to be moved this June, to allow the refurbishment of Level 1 West as part of the Templeman Development project.

In the longer term, the freed space will allow us to make the landmark 1,000 volume set of British Parliamentary Papers (1801-1900) from the Irish University Press available on the open shelves. This is currently located in the Remote Store.

Easier access to online material is now available via the British official publications web page.


Need further information or advice?

Advice on accessing official publication print holdings is available on the Library website.

For help accessing official publications, please visit the IT & Library Support Desk on Level 2 Centre or email helpdesk@kent.ac.uk.

For more in-depth assistance or further information about the move, please email officialpublications@kent.ac.uk.




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Apr 10

University response to IT security threat Heartbleed

As you may have seen in the news, the OpenSSL Heartbleed vulnerability has led to a number of questions about computer security. This article answers a few of the questions you may have about the University’s computers.


Has the University been affected?

Yes. A large number of systems have been identified as using the vulnerable versions of OpenSSL. The vast majority of these were patched within hours of IS being notified and work is ongoing to identify and fix the remaining systems.


Has there been a breach of University data?

We have no evidence to suggest that there has been a breach, but without being able to be 100% certain we are taking the necessary measures to secure our systems.


What about external systems which hold University data?

We are working closely with 3rd party suppliers to the University to identify vulnerable systems.


Do I need to do anything?

Not at the moment. We will keep you updated on this issue.


For more information see: http://heartbleed.com/

For a description of the technical details: http://www.theregister.co.uk/2014/04/09/heartbleed_explained/


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Apr 07

Printing credits: how to pay for printing

To print to Kent student printers, you need to buy credits, which you can do at a machine on campus, or online.print-credit

Printing costs from 5p per side, and you have a £2 overdraft to start you off, so you don’t need to buy credits initially.

Checking your print credit balance

Log in to your print account to see whether you’re running low on credits.

Buying credits


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Apr 07

Victorian and Edwardian theatre exhibition

Victorian_Edwardian photoMonday 7 April – Friday 9 May

In the Templeman Library ground floor Gallery Space next to the Cafe.

Grand Opening Event Monday 7 April –  7pm onwards

Come along for the big opening and enjoy a Victorian high tea and other refreshments. Free admission to all.

The exhibition is a visual tour through the theatre of the Victorian and Edwardian era, based around rare and unique materials which are only available in Special Collections at Kent. This is the second time the student exhibition has taken pride of place in the Templeman Gallery and we would like you to join our celebrations to mark their success.

Topics include:

  • Staging the Victorian Spectacle
  • Attitudes towards the Theatre
  • Pantomime Costume and Characters
  • Pictorialism and Charles Kean on the Victorian Stage
  • The Leading Lady: female characters in melodrama
  • Women’s Place on Stage and in the Audience

The exhibition will be open to visitors during library opening hours (KentOne card required for entry after 9pm).

We hope that you’ll be able to enjoy it and let us know what you think!



Post expires on Friday May 9th, 2014

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Apr 02

On trial: Archive of Americana

Archive of Americana

You have trial access, until 1 May 2014, to:
Archive of Americana (from Readex)

Explore virtually every aspect of United States history, culture and daily life across three centuries! This family of historical collections contains books, pamphlets, broadsides, newspapers, government documents and ephemera:

  • America’s Historical Imprints: over 150,000 early American books, pamphlets, broadsides and rare printed materials that illuminate centuries of American history, literature, culture and daily life
  • America’s Historical Newspapers: including Early American Newspapers Series 1, 1690-1876 and Early American Newspapers, 1801-1900 – providing essential records and detailed accounts of the people, issues and events that shaped the nation for hundreds of years
  • American State Papers, 1789-1838: legislative and executive documents, many originating from the important period between 1789 and the beginning of the U.S. Congressional Serial Set in 1817
  • U.S. Congressional Serial Set, 1817 – 1994: reports, documents and journals of the U.S. Senate and House of Representatives

Please email comments and feedback to: eresources@kent.ac.uk

Post expires on Thursday May 1st, 2014

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Apr 01

Study spaces around campus

Park Wood studyhub

Park Wood study hub

With the opening of new campus study hubs and refurbishment of others, you are never far away from a study hub to suit your needs on the Canterbury campus. All offer WiFi, student PCs and printers, and some have power points for your laptop and relaxed seating.


    • Park Wood
    • Nickle Court
    • Rutherford College
    • Senate
    • Tyler Court A
    • Student PC rooms in all colleges and in Cornwallis South
Nickle Court study hub

Nickle Court study hub

Canterbury campus study hubs: full details of all locations and live PC availability across campus.


Do it on the phone!

Find a free PC using Kent mobile webapp

Wherever you are on campus, find out where your nearest free PC is right now by viewing live availability: tap Free PCs

Where’s that room?
Need directions to a classroom, lecture theatre or PC room? Get directions from the building entrance right to the door of most rooms on campus: tap Maps, then Rooms


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Apr 01

Essential revision tools

spring-prepGive yourself the best chance of success in your exams by using these revision tools:

Past exam papers

Get a real feel for what your exams are going to be like by looking at past exam papers for your modules!

They won’t give you the answers to the questions, but they can help you understand what to expect. For example:

  • what the paper is going to look like
  • how you will be expected to answer it
  • how the questions are likely to be structured
  • what you may be allowed to take to the exam

Getting your head around these issues in advance could really give you an edge when you are under pressure!

Replay your lectures with Kent Player

If your lecturers have opted into recording them you can watch your previous lectures as many times as you want. Recordings will be on the Moodle page for your module. See more information, user guides and FAQs

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