Dec 09

LibrarySearch…it’s nearly here

What is LibrarySearch?

From January, you will experience improved discoverability and accessibility of Templeman and Drill Hall library resources with the powerful, new LibrarySearch search tool.

Discover books, articles, DVDs, digital content, Special Collections – all through a single search box. It will replace the current library catalogue but offer much, much more, including surfacing worldwide electronic resources.

full-colour-globeThank you for your feedback so far

We’ve had really positive feedback on LibrarySearch during staff training and user testing sessions with undergraduates, postgraduates and staff. We are confident that we’ll be launching a service that will make a huge difference to how students and staff discover and make use of library resources.

How to find out more

Your school’s Liaison Librarian will providing more information throughout December and January.

There will be coaching sessions for students on using LibrarySearch available in the Templeman Library during the Spring Term.

Look out for further information and help on the library homepage and in both libraries in January.

Find out more on LibrarySearch here.

Dec 09

Information Services Library and IT Student Satisfaction Survey

Information Services ipad mini winner

Daniel Agent (right) receiving his new iPad Mini from John Sotillo, Director of Information Services

Thanks to everyone who gave us their views in the annual Information Services Library and IT Student Satisfaction Survey for 2014/15.

We will be reporting back on your views soon.

Daniel Agent, a final year Kent Business School student, won the draw for an iPad Mini. John Sotillo, Director of Information Services presented Daniel with his prize.

Dec 09

Studying and borrowing in the Winter Vacation

templeman-snowOpening times

The Templeman Library will be closed from 7pm on Tuesday 23 December and reopens at 9am on Saturday 3 January.

Full vacation opening hours

Student PCs

If you need to use a student PC on campus between 24 December – 4 January, the following study hubs will be open 24/7:

Park Wood study hub

Oaks study hub

Remember your KentOne card to access these facilities.

All other study hubs are closed 24 December – 4 January inclusive.

Borrowing arrangements

You don’t need to return any books from Wednesday 24 December to Sunday 4 January (inclusive).

Otherwise, borrowing continues as normal, so that books remain accessible to everyone who needs them. Please be prepared to return items when they are due, as they can be recalled from you.

If you can’t get a book back to us in time or are concerned about fines, just get in touch as soon as possible. The friendly Loan Desk staff will do their best to resolve your problem:

Full details and your vacation borrowing checklist

The International Students website provides a list of all services available on campus during the Winter Vacation

Off campus borrowing

If you’re going home for the Christmas vacation, remember you can borrow books using the SCONUL scheme.



Dec 09

Services in the Templeman Library – what to expect in the New Year

24/7 opening continues

We hope you have enjoyed the flexibility of being able to use the Templeman Library 24 hours a day since November. From start of spring term right through until the end of the summer term we will not shut our doors. The Library won’t close at all for over 5 months! If you plan to study over the vacation, find out about studying and borrowing in the vacation.

New Services in the Templeman Library

How you print is changing with PrintPlus

In January, there will be a new way to print in the Library. PrintPlus is more convenient and flexible, as you can collect your work from any printer if your nearest one is busy. And they all offer A4, A3, mono and colour.

Just use your KentOne Card to release your printing, or log in using the touch screen panel. You can even send work to the printer via email. Print costs and payments will stay the same.
More about PrintPlus

Win a £750 bike!

Answer a simple question about the new printing service and you could be the proud winner of a £750.00 voucher for Cycles UK! Visit the PrintPlus page for entry details.

Borrow a laptop 24/7

Laptop loans in the Templeman Library are becoming self service. You will be able to pick one up from the cabinet on Level 2 Centre, simply by scanning your KentOne Card to check it out against your Library account. When finished with, turn off before returning it to the cabinet, then plug it in to check it in so it is removed from your library account.


Dec 09

Kent website and Moodle interruptions in January

fibre-cable-cc-licenseAccess to the following will be interrupted for a short period:

During any outages, an appropriate message will be shown on screen to let visitors know what is happening, and when services should be resumed. Links to key online services that are working, such as the Library catalogue, will be on that screen too.

Why is it necessary?

We are moving the data for the University website, Moodle and MyFolio to our new SAN (Storage Area Network: this is our primary data storage facility). The old SAN is reaching end of life after many years of good service, and most existing services have already been transferred to the new SAN. It is significantly faster than the old one, and provides the infrastructure to make our services more responsive and flexible.

We are sorry for the inconvenience that this essential work will cause. The date and times have been chosen with consideration for minimising the impact on students, staff and visitors.

Dec 04

ORCID – Your unique id for research projects

What is it?orcid_logo

ORCID is a registry of unique identifiers for researchers and scholars.

An ORCID iD is a simple, free, unique identifier that allows you to tie all your research together and distinguish yourself from other researchers in your field. Having an ORCID iD allows you to disambiguate, track and share work with one simple URL.

Even if you haven’t had any papers published yet, it is never too early to claim your unique ORCID iD. You can use your ORCID to record your scholarly work by uploading posters, or your dissertation as the starting point to build your page upon.

An example ORCID iD and page: 

What is it for?

Your unique ORCID iD will belong to you throughout your scholarly career as a persistent identifier to distinguish you from other researchers and ensure consistent, reliable attribution of your work, as well as making sharing a breeze.

Once you have created an account and claimed your ORCID iD, you can use it for a number of purposes:

  • collate existing research in one location
  • submit to journals
  • apply for grants
  • professional society membership
  • link with other identifiers & profiles
  • display on your CV
  • share on your web page or social media

Why should I get an ORCID iD?

Increasing numbers of funding organisations such as the Wellcome Trust, publishers such as Nature and Springer, RCUK, and other professional bodies are now utilising ORCID iDs. The aim is to reduce the burdens of grant submission, and ease the pressure of having to repeatedly enter the same information into various systems. Publishers are using it as part of a publication’s metadata, therefore making your work attributable to you and only you.

ORCID at the University of KentMats for Article

Information Services (in conjunction with Research Services) is advocating for the use of ORCID in conjunction with JISC and ARMA. Fields have been added to the Kent Academic Repository, KRIMSON and the new eThesis submission system, and work is in progress to add to these.

Look out for our pop-up stand in the library, and our materials when you are out and about!

Help and support

More information:

Sign up now:

Get help using ORCID:

Dec 04

Award-winning admissions system implementation

Celebrating a first successful year using the new IT systemAdmission system award

The University of Kent implemented new enquiries and application systems using software provided by Tribal, the UKs leading higher education student systems provider.

The system implementation started in January 2013, was configured to meet Kent’s processes and requirements, went live in September 2013 and has just completed the first admissions cycle.

The new IT system brought significant advantages to applications at Kent by:

  • Reducing the time to process applications by 50% for postgraduates by moving from paper-based to online applications processing
  • Improving communication with applicants using a web interface for applicants to track their application progress, provide additional information and see all their correspondence about their application
  • Improved information about enquiries and applications through joined up communication and application data
  • Much smoother confirmation and clearing process, reducing the time it takes to find and make decisions about applications

An award winning team

Managed by Jenny Mathlin, lead by Antony Brenton and comprising Dan Bartlett, Owen Geraghty, Karen Martin, Neil Coles and latterly supported by Natalie McRae, Guy Banister and James Grant – won an award from Tribal for its innovative implementation.

The project was delivered on time and on budget, and continues to deliver new functionality to improve the enquiry and application experience.

What next?

In 2014-15, new scholarships and bursaries features will be deployed, more events booking features will be added and clearing applications will be processed using the same platform.

Dec 03

Meet the Stock Control team!


Stock Control staff at the Templeman Library

The Library’s Stock Control team in the Templeman

Our job

We are part of Front Line services at the Templeman Library.  We support the staff at the Loan Desk and, by re-shelving all your core text books in double quick time; hopefully we can help you find what you need to read.

We met briefly in Welcome Week when we showed new students how to self-issue and return items. All our team wear blue T shirts and will be happy to help you, so just ask.

We provide an efficient re-shelving programme for the whole of the library including both the Main Collection and Core Text Collection.  By using our automated book-sorter, all the items are ready for re-shelving pretty quickly. We deal with reservations too, so if you need help finding your reserved item then please do not hesitate to ask a member of our team.

How we can help

We can also help you find periodicals and show you how to order items from the Reserve Collection or Closed Store.

We can help you trace a book that has recently been returned to the library or show you to an area of the library where you can browse your subject.

So remember – just ask !



Nov 19

Templeman Library: 24/7 starts 24/11

In response to student feedback we are pleased to provide 24/7 opening of the Templeman Library from Monday 24 November until the end of this term.

24/7 opening will then start again on 19 January right through until the end of the summer term. That means the Library won’t close at all for over 5 months!

See the full opening hours24/7 opening

You’ll need your card!

Between 9pm and 8am you can access the Library only by scanning or showing your KentOne card. So make sure you take it with you if you pop out.

To put it simply: no card, no access from 9pm-8am.

What service you can expect

Between 9pm and 9am the Library will be self-service.

If you need assistance with any services, do ask the staff on duty. They’ll help you as far as they can, but may have to refer some queries to day time staff.

The main role of the duty staff is to monitor the study environment. Let them know if there are any issues by emailing

Look after yourself

Just because we’re open 24 hours doesn’t mean you should always work through the night. Make sure you take regular breaks and don’t burn the candle at both ends!

Getting home

If you live on campus, staff from Campus Watch can walk you home. Phone 01227 82 3300 to book.

If you live in Canterbury, the “nite” Unibus runs until the early hours, Monday-Saturday during term time – download the timetable.


Happy studying!

Nov 18

Open to you: the Franciscan International Study Centre Library

franciscanAs a Kent student or staff member you have free borrower access to the rich resources of the Franciscan International Study Centre (FISC) Library.

The FISC is located on Giles Lane, near the University of Kent Medical Centre, on the Canterbury campus.

The collection contains over 60,000 volumes and more than 300 journal runs, covering subjects like:

  • Franciscan studies
  • theology
  • Biblical studies
  • church history
  • ethics

The Franciscan Studies collection alone includes over 6,000 volumes and is believed to be the largest such collection in northern Europe. The earliest volumes include manuscripts from the late Middle Ages and incunabula.

Search the online catalogue (click EXTERNAL ACCESS), which includes over 25,000 books.

How to apply

To apply for free borrower membership, please fill in the application form (pdf) and bring it to the Templeman Library Loan Desk.

Opening times

The FISC library is normally open Monday-Friday, 10am-4pm, although it’s a good idea to email before visiting.

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