Remote access to campus work computers: service changes

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The University’s current Remote Desktop Gateway Service, which enables remote access to on-campus computers will be replaced later this year (September 2024). It will be replaced by a new service for users who require it for their work.  

The Remote Desktop Gateway is a service which provides access to the systems, software and files on your campus work computer from other devices. We are currently exploring and reviewing replacement options, and we’ll continue to work with you and keep you informed as this work progresses.

Remote Desktop Gateway user survey

Thank you to everyone who completed our survey.

We are currently reviewing the survey data which will inform the development of a replacement service.

Continued access to Kent services and systems from off campus

You can access a number of Kent services with an internet browser, including email, OneDrive, Microsoft Teams, SharePoint and Moodle. You’ll need to install the Kent VPN to access services such as Agresso, KentPlayer and the Student Data System.

For continued access to specialist applications such as Business World you can use Work Resources.

If you require a lot of computing power for running large calculations or code we recommend using the High Performance Computing Service.

Find out more in our Work and study from home / off campus guide.

Why is the Remote Desktop Gateway Service being replaced?

The current service is being replaced due to the underlying Microsoft technology being discontinued.

What will happen to access in September 2024?

If you use the current Remote Desk Gateway service for your work you won’t be able to access it after September 2024. You will be able to request access to the replacement system, which will be granted based on business need.

Help and support

If you have any questions regarding the Remote Desktop Gateway Service, issues accessing the VPN or any other connectivity issues, please contact IT and Library Support.

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