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A new chapter for document delivery

Last term we launched a new improved Document Delivery request service making it quicker and easier to request e-book chapters and e-journal articles from items we don’t hold in our Library collections.

Initially open to academic staff and postgraduate students, we’re really pleased to extend this service to undergraduate students as well. There will be no cost to your School or Division during the pilot scheme.

Our Scan and Deliver pilot opens up global collections to all staff and students no matter where or what you’re studying, providing high-quality scanned material to boost your research and study needs.

How to make a request

From the LibrarySearch homepage, select the Document Delivery Request link under the main search box and select Make your Document Delivery Request.


Screenshot: showing LibrarySearch home page and location of Document Delivery request link (beneath the search box).

On the request page, select either Book chapter (Scan and Deliver pilot) or Journal article (Scan and Deliver pilot).

We will then process your request and you will receive your item via your university email. The majority of requests should be met within 24 hours of your request being submitted.

Find out more

Document delivery provides our students, researchers and staff with the opportunity to study, research and teach in a resource-rich environment, enabling discovery, analysis, and the creation of new knowledge. It enhances our library’s collections, and brings value to the work of the university community.

Scan and Deliver streamlines and simplifies our request and delivery service making resource sharing more cost-effective, and places Kent at the forefront of academic resource sharing, alongside many of the world’s largest libraries.

Check our Document Delivery guide for full details of the service, and how our Scan and Delivery pilot can enhance your research and study experience.


We need your feedback about this pilot scheme to see whether we should embed our Scan and Deliver service on a more permanent basis. Please share your feedback and comments via

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