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Kent UCU Financial Counternarrative

Kent University Executive Group (EG) have increased central contribution costs from Divisions and are threatening jobs in Arts and Humanities to pay off outstanding building debts and to fund £60 million of building projects in the next 5 years.    From the University Financial Statements it is clear that EG’s priority is buildings, not staff.  …

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Save Jobs at Kent: Launch Marking & Assessment Boycott

UCU meeting votes to begin sustained local marking & assessment boycott on 3rd March to defend jobs & workloads at Kent Your Kent UCU negotiators will be redoubling their efforts to prevent compulsory redundancy processes this calendar year, armed with this new leverage you voted for today. Members will be kept up to date every …

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Notice of Failure to Agree

Our regional rep., Mike Moran, has today sent the following notice of failure to agree to Karen Cox. It is the preliminary stage of a ballot for industrial action in our defence of jobs and working conditions, although we sincerely hope to get these reassurances without the need to go to ballot.   Dear Professor …

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Kent UCU Victory! University Commits to no Compulsory Redundancies of UCU Members in 2021

🎉Congratulations! 🎉 You have defended your job and those of fellow UCU members! Our agreement with the University gives UCU members protection from job cuts in 2021. E-Vote Result: Do you accept the agreement between UCU and the university to resolve the dispute over compulsory redundancies in 2021? Yes: 96% Thanks to your vote in …

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USS Update: HQ and UUK Surveys on USS Proposal

Short Summary (TL; DR) Please oppose Option A in the upcoming survey on the USS that management is about to send out. It involves huge cuts to pensions based on an unjustified and debunked valuation. Please complete the HQ survey (previously circulated by email) to indicate when would be the best time to take action as a …

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Workload Campaign Update

Woman lying on desk

On Wednesday 7th April, Chris attended a sub-JSNCC meeting with Richard Reece, Martin Atkinson,  Louise Naylor and Daniel Clarke in order to discuss plans for Autumn term 2021-22 teaching. At the meeting, Richard presented a .pptx that contained a range of plans that were to be put to EG today (Monday 12.4.21). Richard requested that …

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UCU Workload Survey 2020

In December 2020, branch officers undertook a survey of members in order to assess the impact of the transition towards blended learning on staff workload. Taking into account both qualitative and quantitative data from both professional services and academic members of staff, officers then compiled an analytical report and eight recommendations for the University to …

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Press Release: Ballot Against Compulsory Redundancies at the University of Kent

Following the outstanding result of our e-ballot, the Kent UCU branch has launched our local postal ballot against compulsory redundancies. The branch has one simple demand of senior management: rule out compulsory redundancies in 2021. That is why the branch committee & reps are asking you to vote YES to strike action and YES to action short …

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Climate Learning Week

Climate themed learning week: 10-14 February 2020 All branches are encouraged to run a climate themed learning week between 10th and 14th Frburary.  Colleagues can find materials and ideas on the UCU web site: UCU is also fully supporting Teach the Future campaign Mark on behalf of Branch officers and Environment reps

UCU week of action against workplace racism

10-14 February 2020: Building an anti-racist environment Resources for the week of action are available from the UCU web site at:  Links to the key strands are: Barriers to progression Race pay gap Decolonising education Hostile environment There are suggestions and resources to help stimulate discussions with Colleagues and Students. Mark on behalf of Branch …

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