Press Release: Ballot Against Compulsory Redundancies at the University of Kent

Following the outstanding result of our e-ballot, the Kent UCU branch has launched our local postal ballot against compulsory redundancies.

The branch has one simple demand of senior management: rule out compulsory redundancies in 2021. That is why the branch committee & reps are asking you to vote YES to strike action and YES to action short of a strike.

The branch does not yet know where the planned £1-1.6million in staff cost cuts will fall, but we do know that the Executive Group is making those decisions now. They have repeatedly refused to rule out compulsory redundancies of academic or professional services staff. The branch must be able to act swiftly to prevent further job losses.

By voting in this ballot, we can defeat compulsory redundancies at Kent. In the past few months both Herriot Watt and Uni of Central Lancashire have done just that with a great strike ballot result. We can do the same! We just need you to return your ballot papers.

Watch our EDI rep, Jonjo Brady, explain why it is vital that all of us vote in the ballot and, for more information on voting a the dispute read our ballot FAQs.

Press Release

Press Release as a pdf.

UCU University of Kent Ballot Press Release
UCU University of Kent Ballot Press Release
UCU University of Kent Ballot p. 2
UCU University of Kent Ballot Press Release p. 2


We’re currently not only balloting against compulsory redundancies, we’re also petitioning for the highest-paid at the University of Kent (those earning over £100k) to take a 20% pay cut. Whilst we are being told that jobs must be cut in order to save money, we think it would be better if those who can afford to take a pay cut should shoulder the burden instead.