Local ASOS starts today (Thursday 9 November)

  • ‘Working to contract’ commences at Kent today (Thursday 9th November), in response to elements of Kent 2030 and to senior management’s demand that virtually every module in the university be redesigned, to fit their financially unproven proposal for the academic year.
  • Working to contract represents staff formally withdrawing their goodwill from senior management. Stop volunteering – stop overworking: senior management do not deserve it while they fail to meaningfully engage.
  • Click for an introduction to this kind of ‘Action Short of a Strike’ (ASOS) (references to the national dispute, marking & assessment boycotts and full strike action do not currently apply to this local dispute, which is legally and politically separate.)
  • Note “If the ASOS called consists solely of ‘working to contract’ [as in this case], then an employer cannot impose pay deductions when you are fulfilling your contract.”
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