A message to Kent UCU colleagues:

We realise many of you may be feeling overwhelmed already with national union activity info, in addition to all our ongoing local issues, so will keep this concise.

First and foremost – post your ballot papers before Wednesday 01 November

replacement ballot request form is now open and will close on Sunday 29 October 2023 )

Why this matters:

  • the only way we have of achieving a successful outcome to the current dispute over pay and conditions is through mandated negotiation, requiring a YES vote 
  • our USS pensions restoration success became possible through mandated negotiation, not employer largesse! 
  • 50% turnout is required to validate result, regardless of vote preference 
  • not voting is effectively an acceptance of defeat.

We recognise some would prefer our branch to be more focused on local issues, having reservations on recent directions taken by the national leadership, particularly in the aftermath of MAB. But national/ local should not be an either-or choice – a strong local engagement strengthens the national effort and vice-versa. Achieving our 50%+ turnout is a fundamental part of this.

Lastly, let us know you voted via – should stop you being texted and or called during the coming days of GTVO canvassing!