50% threshold crushed

You’ve done it again: you’ve beaten the government’s anti-trade union law, which requires 50% of eligible voters to vote in a postal ballot in order for industrial action to go ahead lawfully. You will also have the opportunity to vote on any industrial action strategy at a branch meeting before anything goes ahead.


Most importantly you have immediately strengthened your position in all interactions with senior management. UCU negotiators continue to push back against the flawed finances behind the compulsory redundancy threats. 


The landscape of course remains challenging: Kent are among the few employers in the sector ever to rip up a deal of ‘No compulsory redundancies’ in relation to A&H, and they have also targeted many PS jobs. 


But your 85% yes vote to strikes is an exceptionally strong result. This was your *fifth* successful disaggregated ballot in only 2 years – which is certainly among the best record of any UCU branch. Remember governments have designed postal ballots to be as difficult as possible to win – not least due to bureaucracy & postal delays – so the real level of support on the ground is even higher.


This result exemplifies the solidarity between academics and professional services.


It demonstrates the mutual support of the sciences and the humanities.


It proves you and your union can win.