Marking and Assessment Boycott – no deductions in May

  • It was confirmed today that there will be no deductions of pay for participation in the national UCU marking & assessment boycott (MAB) this month (May). HR have stated that deductions will be made at least one month “in arrears”. However, negotiators continue to press for no deductions at all and this is a perfectly possible outcome, given that deductions would be unfair, unworkable and needlessly escalatory.
  • The next few weeks of the MAB will be the most crucial – we are asking you to stay strong. The next month is your moment of maximum leverage, or what trade unionists call the “concrete pour”, so-called because if builders strike on the day concrete is due to be poured into foundations, the building is unsalvageable, hence their leverage is maximised at that time.
  • Branch organiser data shows that participation is strong – but it depends on your continued commitment.
  • Kent negotiators are making progress on many of the areas members care about, such as temporary contracts and workloads. We very much hope that senior management shares this commitment to continuing dialogue.
  • Any further updates will be circulated as soon as possible.