Kent UCU launches National Defence of Jobs by submitting motion to UCU Sector Conference

Motion to HE Sector Conference: To campaign for a student distribution system in HE.

Conference notes that student recruitment patterns:

  • mean some universities hoard undergraduate students, while others struggle to recruit.

  • have resulted in department closures and redundancies.

  • translate to poor learning conditions for students, unsustainable workloads for staff at universities that over-recruit and expansion of casualisation

Conference believes:

  • the removal of university caps on student numbers by the Tories in 2014 in their pursuit of marketising the sector has been detrimental to higher education and had a negative impact on university staff and students.

  • the UK and devolved governments must reintroduce a managed system of student distribution across the sector based on fairness and equality.

Conference resolves to:

  • commission research on models of student distribution which can create recruitment balance in HE.

  • develop a campaign for the reintroduction of student distribution this coming year, including branch resources, intense lobbying efforts, and media.