Top-down Restructure Threat 

Top-down restructure proposal threatens Arts and Humanities at Kent


  • The work on restructuring the Division began back in September, and there have been more than a dozen meetings since then to move plans forward. A structure was arrived at by majority consensus, with Heads of school and colleagues having input through the autumn term’s ‘feasibility review.’


  • There has now been a last minute change of structure presented, which has been introduced top-down without any discussion. Presented only on Monday, this proposal was never discussed as part of the ‘feasibility review’ and has had none of the same detailed analysis.  


  • This new proposal would see all of the Humanities merge in one super-school – a “School of English, History, Classical and Archaeological Studies, Philosophy, Asian Studies, Religious Studies, Comparative Literature, Modern Languages, and English Language and Linguistics”, a merger of nine subjects that would certainly risk more jobs and careers across the Division. 


  • The Divisional Leadership team now intend to vote on this new structure themselves, despite a total lack of support and despite potential conflicts of interest. 


  • This change of process – bringing forward an entirely new structure only one week before consultation closes – is exactly why the majority of colleagues in A&H voted that they have no confidence in the Divisional leadership team. 


  • This academic restructuring is first taking place in A&H but will be rolled out across the university. As a union, we need to make our voices heard: we need transparent and open processes across the university, not backroom deals that benefit a few select individuals. 


What you need to do:


  • If you are in A&H: 


  1. Submit feedback to the employer’s formal consultation here. Some suggested wording is here.


  1. Also email the same feedback to George Randsley de Moura, DVC for Academic Strategy, Planning and Performance, who is chairing the management group overseeing the restructure:


  • If you are a member outside of A&H, ensure you come to national strike pickets & tell us when you’ve posted your national ballot, or if you can’t find your ballot [links in email from Kester 8.3.23]