National Strike Events & Pickets at Kent

National Strike Events at Kent

Thursday 24th 

  • CANTERBURY Pickets 8:30 – 10:00

  • Staff – Student Rally 10:30

  • UCU Social – Unicorn pub 12:00

Friday 25th

Wednesday 30th 

  • National London Demo 13:00

  • CANTERBURY Picket 14:00 – 16:00 (only Law School confirmed so far)


Why I’m striking – in your own words

“I’m striking in solidarity with members who are going to be hit the hardest by the cost of living crisis and rise in inflation – which is not being met by an equitable pay rise. We work in a sector where a huge number of workers are on precarious or zero-hours contracts, whilst our senior management earn upwards of £100k.”

“I’m striking because I’m struggling with my workload and it’s taking its toll on my mental and physical health. We all work way over our contracted hours because we’re not given another choice and receive no support. Something needs to change.”

“I’m striking because my students are angry. My students have been angry for the past three years. They’re at a university which doesn’t value them, doesn’t value their degrees, and doesn’t value the people who support and educate them. I’m striking because the university COULD be better.”

“I’m striking because we cannot continue to give our students the best of ourselves when every year for a decade we have had an effective pay cut. We cannot go on living in fear about paying the rent or living our old age in poverty. There is no choice but to strike. We have no power to protect ourselves otherwise. A university run in inequality and by staff in constant fear for their jobs is not a university in which students flourish.”

What you can do

If you can afford to donate to your striking colleagues in financial need, do so here:

 Unity Trust Bank

Account name UCU Kent LA26

Account number 20391184

Sortcode 60-83-01

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