Re Ballot on USS

As we’re in the process of reballotting on pensions, we thought this might be of interest to members. It’s a short Twitter thread from a colleague at Sheffield who is one of the national UCU negotiators, discussing a document that USS has just released concerning the 2020 valuation.

Judging by his analysis here, it seems that USS intends to ignore the second report of the JEP, and not bother to take into account the views of either UUK or UCU.

This is a very good reason to vote “YES” to protect your pensions, it seems USS has forgotten it is supposed to be providing a service to its stakeholders (and we include UUK here) and is only concerned to provide a service to its own EG. We urge members to vote “YES” and to write to the VC and urge her to use her office to demand UUK protest publicly about this abuse of USS’s position.

Philip, Sian, Owen and Mark