Branch Update

We are building strength and momentum. Our determination is what will take us through.

We will keep you abreast of developments as soon as we are able. In the meantime, please use every opportunity to:
• Talk to as many hourly paid staff and graduate teaching assistants, and encourage them to join UCU (see links below)
• Talk to as many UCU members as possible, including hourly paid staff and graduate teaching assistants, to encourage them to strike
• Encourage everyone to email their heads of school/department, if they are told to report to them about your intentions. Politely tell them your union has informed you that are under no legal obligation to inform them of your intentions
• When speaking to students, encourage them to support the strike, and to write to the VC (see below)

GTAs and Hourly Paid Staff

We will be holding a meeting with lunch specifically for you on Wednesday 14th Feb from 12-2 in Wigoder Law Building, Worcester Robing Room. Branch Officers will be present to answer your questions.


Please use these links

To provide information to colleagues:

To join UCU:
For general info about the action:

To provide information to students:

Details of why action:
Supportive student Petition to VC:


Sian, Mark and Owen
Branch Officers