Branch Meeting

We are calling another Branch Meeting for Tuesday 13th Feb at 1 pm in the Wigoder Law Building, Moot Chamber. We will engage in further discussions concerning our industrial action strategy. In addition, we will be seeking to pass a motion concerning the establishment of a local hardship fund, in respect of which we need to be quorate. The motion is as follows:

“University of Kent UCU resolves to set up a local hardship fund.

University of Kent UCU will transfer £30,000 from its general funds to start the fund.

(b) Payments will only be made for losses of pay arising from the first 3 days of strike action in the 2018 USS industrial dispute, with a maximum payment of £50 per day of strike action. Further days of action are covered by the national fund.
(c) Applications to the fund must supply evidence of lost pay and explain how a payment will alleviate hardship. The application process will include a membership check and confirmation from the member that they will not receive more than the total loss from combined applications to UCU accredited funds.
(d) The branch will advertise a mechanism for members to donate to the hardship fund.
(e) Claims to the fund will be considered by a panel of three branch officers including the treasurer, Robert Jupe, and two of the following – Sian Lewis-Anthony (President), Owen Lyne (Secretary), Mark Dean (Deputy Secretary)
(f) All claims to the fund must be submitted within three months of the loss of pay concerned.
(g) Claims should be sent by internal mail (with copies of evidence, no original documents please) to Owen Lyne (SMSAS, Sibson Building) or by email (with electronic evidence attached, e.g. scanned documents) to
(h) All claims will be acknowledged on receipt. This acknowledgement will state the date of the meeting at which the claim will be considered and the likely timescale for the result to be communicated.”

Please make it a priority to attend this meeting – solidarity for those who are financially vulnerable is absolutely vital.

Please do continue to consult the UCU FAQs on the strike action. The current iteration can be found here: