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TONE Festival Event – Steve Klee’s Artist Talk

Steve Klee Artist’s talk


When: Sunday 15 June, 14:00 – 15:00
Where: POP 64-66 High Street, Chatham

Join us for a FREE artist’s talk by Steve Klee ‘Re-animating the Archive’, about his exhibition and performance work for TÖNE.

Steve Klee’s exhibition relates to his performances Too Prolix: A Tour Out of Time for TÖNE on Saturday 21st June at The Historic Dockyard.

Through his archival research of the site he will re-perform with actors the political events of the Dockyard using the performative gestures detailed in Francis Nivelon’s The Rudiments of Genteel Behavior (1737) and this exhibition will show the archival traces that he has used to construct his tour.



TONE Festival Event – Kathy Hinde Workshop

Kathy Hinde workshop


When: Saturday – Sunday 14-15 June, 12:00 – 15:00
Where: Cafe, Fort Amherst

Artist Kathy Hinde will be at Fort Amherst in the cafe to make thousands of origami birds. These will be used in her fascinating installation Twittering Machines in the Gate House during the festival weekend (20-22 June) which will be a sonic and visual combination of bird-song imitation machines fashioned from old morse code keys, twittering mechanised music boxes, a rustling cloud of paper birds twitching overhead, a 78rpm recording of nightingales with a cello, or the echo of Lancaster bombers.



The Future of Film and Storytelling – Sarah Turner talks at EMERGE, June 19

Step into the future of film, as The East End Film Festival explores the convergence of film, digital and storytelling at EMERGE.

Sarah Turner will be speaking on June 19, about her work and methods in relation to a new project – Public House. The Barbican, London will be hosting the day of talks, discussions and networking, featuring radical thinkers, digital pioneers and innovators in film and video.

Sarah Turner Emerge Barbican

Public House fuses fact and fiction in a multi layered exploration of memory, community and social reinvention. Activated in response to the community takeover of the Ivy House pub, London, SE15, this feature length work for cinemas is a shape shifting genre hybrid that moves from observational document to minimalist opera. Interweaving testament, performance poetry and an innovative soundscape that fuses acousmatic composition and verbatim librettos, the film explores individual and cultural memory and its resonance in shaping social spaces.

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9am / The Future of Film and Storytelling
The Barbican
19 June 2014
We take a glimpse forward to the year 2024 as we predict, speculate and debate how the creative process of filmmaking and audience experiences will evolve over the next 10 years.

The day is divided across 3 areas:

  1. Experiments in Moving Image
  2. The Future of the Film Industry
  3. Interactive Storytelling

We will also explore the impact our fast changing digital society will have on the world of film, with exclusive filmed contributions from sociologists, filmmakers and experts in the world of convergent technology.

Speakers on the day include:
• Sheffield Doc/Fest and Crossover
• Sarah Turner – Artist, Writer and Filmmaker (Perestroika)
• Anna Higgs – Head of Digital, Film4
• Martin Percy – Interactive Director (Lifesaver)
• Ed Cookson – Project Director (Sarner / The Sancho Plan)
• Evan Boehm – Director and Coder (Nexus, The Carp and The Seagull)
• Stephen Follows – Producer, Catsnake Film
• Sarah Tierney – Founder, We Are Colony
• Fernando R Gutierrez De Jesus – Director (Create Your Own Documentary)

For more information or to book this event click Barbican Theatre and Dance Event Details

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Sarah Turner

Shona Illingworth presents at Central St Martins Symposium

Anxious Places: Angst, environment and affective contamination

Central St Martins College, London,
26th June, 2014
10.15 – 17.30

“Commentators claim that contemporary culture is dominated by anxiety. From individual uncertainties to global economic, social and political insecurities, anxiety pervades our lives and affects our interactions with people and places. Anxious Places examines the ways in which anxiety ‘contaminates’ urban, social, and natural environments and asks how histories are implicated in making it a cultural script. Artists and scholars
discuss contemporary angst from a range of cross-disciplinary perspectives and artistic mediums.”

Speakers: Jill Bennett, Frank Furedi, Avery Gordon, Andrew Hoskins, Shona Illingworth, Uriel Orlow, Jeremy Till, David Toop, and John Tulloch
Organised by Dr Caterina Albano

The symposum is part of UAL collaboration to the London Festival of Anxiety and Mental Health.

Download the Symposium PDF Anxiety symposium 1 9
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TONE Festival – Too Prolix: A Tour Out Of Time

Steve Klee performs ‘Too Prolix: A Tour Out Of Time’ as part of the TONE Festival on Sat 21st June 6-7pm.

This performance is accompanied by an exhibition of artefacts and research material.
Tuesday 10th – Sunday 15th June at POP Space, 64-66 High Street, Chatham, ME44DS

Private View: Tuesday 10th June, 4-6pm
Artist Talk: Sunday 15th June 2-3pm

Steve Klee_Tone

To check out details and join us in many more exciting events visit www.tonefestival.com [2] and follow us @tonefestival to hear the latest news!

School of Music and Fine Art – TONE Festival

Purchase a ticket and register: http://www.tonefestival.com/buy-tickets/
more information: https://www.facebook.com/events/670856142987250/

If you are interested in attending the PV of research material at POP on the 10th, please email s.klee@kent.ac.uk.

Special thanks to Mark Bills, Gainsborough’s House, Suffolk for the loan of ‘Rudiments of Genteel Behaviour’ (1737) by Francois Nivelon

Photo credit: Morgan Hill-Murphy



Free workshops and Talks at the TONE Festival

Take advantage of Töne festival artists working around the Medway area,join them for workshops and talks during the festival from 9th to 22nd June.

Origami Workshop
Make origami cranes for Kathy Hinde’s new installation ‘Twittering Machines II’
Drop-in sessions take place in the cafe at Fort Amherst on 14th and 15th July from 12-3pm

Drawing Workshop
Sign up for exclusive workshops with artists Allan Giddy and Morgan O’Hara:

  • Morgan O’Hara, 2 hour site-based drawing workshop open to local artists and students
    (10 places) at University of Kent spaces on 19th June 11-1pm 
  • Allan Giddy, 2 hour studio workshop to arts students (12 places) on site-specific, sculptural and installation practice at University space 12th June 11-1pm

Both workshops are free, but as spaces are limited please register by
e-mailing tonefestival@outlook.com

Artists Talks
Listen to artist Tomoko Sauvage, James Geurts, Kathy Hinde, Anna Koch & Mats Lindström, Steve Klee, Ben Fitton & Dylan Shipton talk about their artistic practice and making work for our new festival. Artists talks take place at various dates, times and venues.

To check out details and join us in many more exciting events visit www.tonefestival.com and follow us @tonefestival to hear the latest news!

School of Music and Fine Art – TONE Festival

Degree Show 2014 – Opening Day Success

Saturday 24th May saw the grand opening of the 24th Degree Show for the Fine Art, Creative Events and Music at the University of Kent.

Open until June 2nd, Free to attend.

DSC_0309_compressedThe event which showcases the work of almost 50 undergraduate and postgraduate students at the School of Music and Fine Art, opened to the inaugural private viewing at 2pm on Saturday, 24th May.  The show is now open to the public and free to attend, with Fine Art installations located amind the magnificent Slip3 Mezzanine, with Creative Events and Music Students having work DSC_0429_compressedacross the Engingeering Workshop and The Smitheries.

Guest speakers, renowned artist Humphrey Ocean and Artistic Director of the Huddersfield Music Festival, Graham McKenzie opened the event officially, providing some amusing annecdotes and useful insights for the students. You can read about their speeches below. Also Sarah Turner and Tim Meacham took time to thank colleagues and congratulate the students on their achievements and the students themselves gave their appreciation to everyone who helped with the Degree Show arrangements for 2014.

View a few of the students conversations about their work, their set up and their onward expectations for their careers on the School of Music and Fine Art You Tube channel or on our Facebook page.

Not only were the Fine Art BA and MA students exhibiting some amazing installations, but the Creative Events students were showcasing some of their presentations, videos and models, and the Music students entertained guests with an array of genres throughout the afternoon.

Open until Monday June 2nd, open to the public and free to attend, the Degree Show concludes with a special and unique addition for 2014 – an ‘Education Day’, where schools and collegess are encouraged to contact us for the chance to get workshops and talks as well as take part in activities that give younger budding artists the joy of art as well as showcase the wonderful facilties that students at the University enjoy.

DSC_0246_Compressed Humphrey Ocean:
“The world is alright, because there are still art schools. Arts schools are where you are taught ‘nothing’ but your learn everything”

“ You are just about to enter the weird bit of your lives, the next 70 years”

“Another misnomer about art, is that you love art. Anyone can love art, take Tate Modern, it’s the most popular visitor attraction in England apparently. It makes you want to go home and say ‘that show ‘em’ – it’s not a love, it’s a need.”

“If you are artist and going to make your life as an artist, it is because you have no alternative. Its not a career choice. You have got to want to make, more than anything, is another day where you can just go into the studio and close the door, so you can craft without someone coming in and saying ‘this is how you should have done it’. You want to make mistakes, get it wrong, make it bad, make it smell, then the world will catch up and say that smells good.”
“Welcome aboard, it is a breathtaking way to live your life, even if it does take you breath away sometimes. I wish you the best of luck.”
DSC_0253_compressedGraham McKenzie:

Many thanks to Tim and Claudia for inviting me to this 24th degree show and this amazing complex of buildings. Walking round this show, I am greatly encouraged to see art from the various disciplines coming together because I really believe that divisions between the art forms is no longer relevant. I read an article in the Guardian today that was persuasive article that talks about cross genre work as a way to grow interest and culture as a way as far as audience are concerned. We have seen artist from film winning the Turner Prize and a visual artists that uses human voice as her instrument and is her artwork, and its only a matter time I believe before a composer wins a Turner Prize.

Many of the younger generation of artists and composers that I work  with are comfortable being in gallery setting working in installations, as well as writing or performing in a more traditional concert hall or setting.

Another thing that struck me as I walked around this show earlier, as well as the quality of work and the innovation, the thing that was most pleasing was the individual voices, for me really stood out. I think whatever genre you are working in art, its that individuality that’s important. Follow your vision, your belief and when you leave the education establishment its tough to follow that through. You need that all important break. You need luck but you can make your own luck to certain extent.

There are people there like me, outside that walls of education whose responsibility it is to seek out emerging talent to help you articulate and facilitate your vision. It’s about building working relationships and finding the curators and programmers out there that believe in you and your work.

It can be soul destroying when your sending things away and your fired up about a project, and you’re not getting the responses when your are approaching galleries or festivals or concert halls. Don’t be disheartened when you are approaching people and you are not getting an instant response, they probably are subconsciously aware of you. Keep politely sending stuff in and it will seep through.

To end, my congratulations to you regarding the standard of work in this exhibition and the work in the buildings around. It will be my pleasure to work with many of you in the future.







New Research Grant Award from Arts Council England

Arts Council England Grant for Arts for School of Music and Fine Art’s Shona Illingworth

Shona Illingworth, Fine Art Lecturer at the School of Music and Fine Art has been awarded an Arts Council England Grant for the Arts award for her ongoing art project developed in collaboration with John Tulloch, survivor of the 7/7 London Bombing (2005).

The project explores how an ‘embodied experience’ of the attack and the affects of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder intersect with one of the powerful and insidious affects of the bombings on the complex and multiple imaginings of the city: the mapping of a new topography of latent threat and fear onto space.

216 Westbound is produced by Animate Projects and the first exhibitions of work will take place at CGP Gallery London in July 2014 and at Phoenix Leicester in September 2014.

Shona will discuss the project with Professor John Tulloch and Professor Andrew Hoskins, at the forthcoming symposium Anxious Places: angst, environments and affective contamination, on 26th June 2014 at Central Saint Martins’ College, University of the Arts. London.

ACEForthcoming events include a symposium at the School of Music and Fine Art, University of Kent and a forum and screening at LV21, Gillingham, further details will be available in September 2014.