Foundry Records releases ‘Dinner’s Ready’ by Dat Brass

Dat Brass, 2018.


The University of Kent record label, Foundry Records, released the new album from ‘Dat Brass’ on 14th October. Dat Brass are a London based 10-piece group of hip-hop noisemakers, with members including two Kent alumni, Jake Heath and Jack Tan. The album was recorded and mixed by University of Kent Music Technician, Frank Walker.

Dinner’s Ready


‘Dinner’s Ready’, the second studio offering from the Dat Brass boys, sees them reach a new maturity and individuality in both their sound and content. Whilst undeniably still a high energy brass and percussion feast, the album features heavy cuts from DJ Dubba Dutch resulting in a modern and unique hip-hop sound.

Professor Tim Howle’s ‘Globus Hystericus’ performed in Oslo


Professor of Contemporary Music, Tim Howle’s ‘Globus Hystericus’ (AV, fixed media, 7’15”) was performed in Oslo on 7th November. The piece is a collaborative work with the video artist, Nick Cope.


The event was hosted by the Norwegian electroacoustic music group, Electric Audio Unit (EAU). EAU performs works from around the world and specialises in immersive spatial audio concerts, cutting edge 3D experiences and spatialisation performance.

‘Irides’ by Aki Pasoulas released through Sonos Localia


4th October saw the launch of telectroacoustic music record label Sonos Localia. The label specialises in binaural renditions of sound spatialisation and its first release is a composition from Music Lecturer, Dr Aki Pasoulas.

Aki’s latest piece, ‘Irides’, was performed live and recorded using the dummy head method. The releases features on Sonos Localia compilation, Loudspeaker Music For Headphones, which comprises 13 tracks of cutting-edge electro-acoustic music presented in immersive binaural sound.


Irides was also recently selected to be presented at CIME/ICEM MUSICACOUSTICA General Assembly at the Central Conservatoire of Music in Beijing, China. It has previously been performed at the Sound of Memory symposium in London, at the ISSTA conference in Ireland, at the Sound/Image in London, and at the ICMC2017 in China.

Rich Perks and Ruth Herbert recognised for their excellent teaching

Dr Rich Perks (Left) and Dr Ruth Herbert (Centre) awarded Kent’s Humanities Faculty Teaching Prize 2018.


Dr Rich Perks and Dr Ruth Herbert, lecturers in Music Performance at the University of Kent’s School of Music and Fine Art, have been awarded Kent’s Humanities Faculty Teaching Prize 2018.

The two received first prize for their work on ‘The Integration of Peer-Review, Reflective Feedback and Reflexivity into the Teaching and Assessment of Music Performance’. They were presented the award by University of Kent Vice-Chancellor, Karen Cox, at a ceremony on 3rd October.

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