Dockyard becomes hub of art and creativity as Medway degree show opens

A full-sized, self-built conservatory, a ‘crashed’ car and the hull of a ship are a just a handful of large-scale installations featuring in a new exhibition by University of Kent students at the Chatham Historic Dockyard.

Titled Joining the Docks, the Fine Art Degree Show was officially opened on Saturday 25 May 2013 by Victoria Pomery, Director of the Turner Contemporary, Margate.

Prominently dotted across various parts of the Dockyard and the University’s School of Music and Fine Art gallery spaces, the installations will be on display from May 26 – June 1. The exhibition is free and open to the public.

Alongside pieces from Fine Art students, the exhibition also features works by students from the Music and Audio Arts, and Creative Events; Design and Production courses.

Opening the exhibition, Victoria Pomery, said: ‘I’m delighted to open the degree show and have really enjoyed seeing some of the amazing work on show. Turner Contemporary looks forward to an on-going relationship with the University of Kent.’

Tim Meacham, Lecturer in Fine Art, said: ‘This year’s group of graduating students are the first true Medway Fine Art cohort. Some of the first students to work in the historic buildings of the Dockyard, this year’s group have helped to transform the space into creative and vibrant working environments. The presence of these students was symbolic of a new life for the Dockyard and a continuation of the tradition of making on the site and in the wider area.’

Joining the Docks is the first degree show of its kind to see students collaborate from the three courses – Fine Art, Creative Events; Design and Production, and Music and Audio Arts – at the University’s new School of Music and Fine Art.

The exhibition follows a year of exciting developments for the University’s provision of Arts and Music at its Medway Campus, including a £5million investment in its facilities on the Chatham Historic Dockyard at the end of last year.

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