Fine Art Research Seminar

Film as Philosophy / Philosophy as Film – Andrew ConioTuesday 27th November, 17:00, Bridge Wardens’ College  room 102, Medway

The defining feature of art is that the artist can work on  many registers at once, yet few work across, and challenge the borders and  thresholds between, as many as Eija-Liisa Ahtila. Ahtila’s work famously  explores subjectivity; language, discourses, narratives and politics and she  does this whilst critiquing film theory and form.  Out of these multiple  layers of experience, Ahtila composes precise artworks that Mieke Bal, might  call ‘theoretical objects’.

Andrew argues that Ahtila’s films and installations provide  a compelling example of how art and philosophy can reflect, transform and  express each other. In Ahtila’s work these entanglements take place not only  through form and images but also through affect, sensation and the embodied  experience of the installation.

Andrew Conio is a writer and scriptwriter, he has published  on a range of subjects including philosophy, architecture, artist’s film,  creativity and painting and is currently editing the volume, Deleuze and  Guattari and Occupy.

Research. For Andrew Subjectivity is likened to a flow,  territory, clearing or trap. Language is expressive, dynamic, yielding and  estranging. The subject becomes through agency and authenticity yet also  through becoming-other in the world. The voice expresses all, yet is forged by  the codes and axiomatics of capital and the body is the purported site for  ‘self’ yet is folded in the ontogenetic and phylogenetic processes that compose  worlds and discourses are written on the body. These questions constitute the  ‘politics that precede Being’ that motivates Andrew’s practice and writing.

Andrews practice takes the form of videos, installation and  the production of hypnotism tapes for people who wish to replace the search for  self-expression with emersion in the collective. His 2005 film (co-directed  with Judy Price) Refining Memory was selected as a critics’ choice by London’s  Time Out magazine and he recently organised Deleuze and Guattari and Occupy and  The Corporate Occupation of the Arts at the Bank and School of Ideas OccupyLSX.

Andrew took his first degree in Cultural Studies East London  Polytechnic, followed by an MA at Goldsmiths College an MPhill at the Royal  College of Art and PhD Wimbledon College of Art.  Andrew has taught at a  range of UK universities, in Norway and Palestine and is currently Senior  Lecturer in Fine Art at the University of Wolverhampton, Associate Lecturer MA  Art and Theory at Chelsea School of Art and is an active member of the Occupy  London Economics Working Group as well as DRUGG (Diagrammatics research, use  and generation group).

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