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Sarah Turner successfully secures new film project -Public House

Sarah Turner has secured a film development award in order to undertake a new long term shape shifting film project.


Sarah Turner Sarah Turner, Beatrice Gibson and Larissa Sansour have become the latest artists to secure development support through FLAMIN Productions. Selected from over ninety proposals, the artists’ exciting new long-from projects impressed the expert panel and won them the unique opportunity to participate in a funded development phase- an essential period for artists to refine ideas and acquire the skills and contacts to realise work to their best potential.

At the end of the development phase, the three projects will be considered for production support – with £100,000 available to support the successful work.

In addition to their outstanding creative quality, a key characteristic shared by the awarded projects and artists is the potential they have to benefit from the period of mentoring and financial support offered by this development stage. A fact that boosts their chances of securing production funding when the time comes.

Sarah Turner – Public House

Public House  fuses fact and fiction in a multi layered exploration of memory, community and social reinvention.  Activated in response to the community takeover of the Ivy House pub, London, SE15, this feature length work for cinemas is a shape shifting genre hybrid that moves from observational document to minimalist opera. Interweaving testament, performance poetry and an innovative soundscape that fuses acousmatic composition and verbatim librettos, the film explores individual and cultural memory and its resonance in shaping social spaces.

About FLAMIN Productions

Supported using public funding by Arts Council England, FLAMIN Productions is a unique commissioning scheme which goes beyond simply producing work – it is committed to nurturing talent and supporting innovative artists in their professional growth.

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New Research Grant Award from Arts Council England

Arts Council England Grant for Arts for School of Music and Fine Art’s Shona Illingworth

Shona Illingworth, Fine Art Lecturer at the School of Music and Fine Art has been awarded an Arts Council England Grant for the Arts award for her ongoing art project developed in collaboration with John Tulloch, survivor of the 7/7 London Bombing (2005).

The project explores how an ‘embodied experience’ of the attack and the affects of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder intersect with one of the powerful and insidious affects of the bombings on the complex and multiple imaginings of the city: the mapping of a new topography of latent threat and fear onto space.

216 Westbound is produced by Animate Projects and the first exhibitions of work will take place at CGP Gallery London in July 2014 and at Phoenix Leicester in September 2014.

Shona will discuss the project with Professor John Tulloch and Professor Andrew Hoskins, at the forthcoming symposium Anxious Places: angst, environments and affective contamination, on 26th June 2014 at Central Saint Martins’ College, University of the Arts. London.

ACEForthcoming events include a symposium at the School of Music and Fine Art, University of Kent and a forum and screening at LV21, Gillingham, further details will be available in September 2014.