1. Loving and exploiting animals: An introduction
Kristof Dhont and Gordon Hodson

2. The animal in me: Understanding what brings us closer and pushes us away from other animals
Brock Bastian and Catherine E. Amiot

3. The psychology of speciesism
Kristof Dhont, Gordon Hodson, Ana C. Leite, and Alina Salmen

4. Putting the “Free” back in freedom: The failure and future of animal welfare science
Jessica Pierce

5. Devaluing animals, “animalistic” humans, and people who protect animals
Gordon Hodson, Kristof Dhont, and Megan Earle

6. Kittens, pigs, rats, and apes: The psychology of animal metaphors
Nick Haslam, Elise Holland, and Michelle Stratemeyer

7. Uncanny valley of the apes
Vanessa Woods and Brian Hare

8. Why people love animals yet continue to eat them
Jared Piazza

9. Featherless chickens and puppies that glow in the dark: Moral heuristics and the concept of animal “naturalness”
Christopher J. Holden and Harold Herzog

10. Accomplishing the most good for animals
Jon Bockman

11. The meat paradox
Steve Loughnan and Thomas Davies

12. How we love and hurt animals: Considering cognitive dissonance in young meat eaters
Hank Rothgerber

13. Humane hypocrisies: Making killing acceptable
John Sorenson

14. The end of factory farming: Changing hearts, minds, and the system
Gene Baur

15. Steakholders: How pragmatic strategies can make the animal protection movement more effective
Tobias Leenaert

16. Animals as social groups: An intergroup relations analysis of human-animal conflicts
VerĂ³nica Sevillano and Susan T. Fiske

17. The moral march to meatless meals: The scripted Hebrew meat prohibitions versus the unscripted path to becoming vegetarian or vegan
Paul Rozin and Matthew B. Ruby

18. The ground of animal ethics
Carol J. Adams and Matthew Calarco

19. So why do we love but exploit animals? Reflections and solutions
Gordon Hodson and Kristof Dhont