PhD student

Aino’s research interests are mainly in the field of social psychology, specifically, political ideology and intergroup relations. She is especially interested in different factors that influence people’s attitudes to reproductive medicine and moral decision-making. Aino is investigating moral judgments about the use of genetic technologies in animals and humans.


Main supervisor: Prof Robbie Sutton


  • Petterson, A., & Sutton, R. M. (2018). Sexist Ideology and Endorsement of Men’s Control Over Women’s Decisions in Reproductive Health. Psychology of Women Quarterly, 42(2), 235-247.
  • Sutton, R. M., Petterson, A., Rutjens, B. T., & Brandt, M. J. (2018). Post-truth, anti-truth, and can’t-handle-the-truth: How responses to science are shaped by concerns about its impact. In Belief Systems and the Perception of Reality (pp. 164-178). Routledge.