PhD Student

Rebecca is a PhD student and Graduate Teaching Assistant at Lancaster University. Rebecca’s PhD is in collaboration with Greenpeace International and together they are interested in consumer-focused meat-reduction strategies. Specifically, Rebecca’s PhD looks at the use of smartphone-based experience sampling to investigating the efficacy of a number of factors (incl. pledging, social support and tailored information) for promoting short- and long-term meat-reduction. Rebecca is also interested in other related topics, including: the progression of veganism, vegan prejudice, animal-directed empathy and speciesism. Her methodological skills range from smartphone sampling, eye-tracking and language analysis.

Supervisory Team:

Dr. Jared Piazza

Dr. Ryan Boyd


Piazza, J., Gregson, R., Kordoni, A., Pfeiler, T. M., Ruby, M. B., Ellis, D. A., Sahin, E., Reith, M. (2020, in review). Monitoring a Meat-Free Pledge with Smartphones: An Experimental Study.


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