Vice Chancellor’s Cup highlights: Volleyball

14 teams competed against each other in a series of 3 minute games, scoring as many points as possible.

Staff volleyball

An exciting series of Volleyball matches, held over two lunches. Teams competed on both days, to secure their spot on the leaderboard.

Tactical play

Four teams chose to use their chips to boost their chances of scoring points. Happy Ravers and Super Human Sciences played their ‘Bench Boost’ which meant a member of the Sports Development Team would play for them during the event. Teams Living La Vida Mocha and U Bunch O’Kents tactically chose to play their ‘Free Hit’ chip ensuring mid-table points for both teams.

Staff volleyball


CEMS, who only had two players, did not need any more to dominate and win the volleyball event! Some notable performances include Campus Sporting Exploits who finished 2nd overall and jump from 6th to 3rd in the overall leaderboard. Finance, who finished 3rd in volleyball, move up from 10th to 6th overall.

Staff volleyball

We saw an outstanding effort from all the teams, with many players not having played volleyball since school! It was great to see so many staff getting involved and look forward to the next VC Cup event – Benchball, on Tuesday 10 and 12 January 2023.



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