ResLife Sports Cup: Dodgeball

ResLife did not disappoint this week, offering up another classic ResLife Cup sport for residential students to take part in.

Since the 20th century, Dodgeball has terrified players into ballistic brilliance, frantically dodging, and ducking away from incoming balls. After all, these are the simple rules of dodgeball, duck, dodge and throw. Over an hour,  students from Darwin, Turing, Park Wood and Woolf attempted to play the only sport where getting hit in the face is sometimes a good thing! PS: getting hit in the face does not count, you may be stunned but you’re still in.

With some colleges recruiting low student numbers, Turing and Woolf rolled into action and combined forces, whilst Park Wood and Darwin, who had an army of players, kept to themselves. Teams played each other twice in a series of quick and fast-paced games. The games featured very impressive acrobatic dodges, slides and jumps. Some would say dodgeball is like life: you’ve got to dodge the obstacles coming your way and hit back when necessary!

All teams performed well, with no team going unbeaten. However, it was Park Wood who threw some shade, taking 1st place with the most consistent wins, Darwin finished 2nd and the Turing/Woolf combo finished 3rd. A huge well done to all our teams and congratulations to Park Wood on their win, moving them into 4th place on the leaderboard.

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