Kent Sport member spotlight: personal training milestone

Kent Sport would like to say a massive congratulations to Dawn Nicholson on completing her 10th block (that’s 60 hours) of personal training! Dawn’s personal trainer Darius surprised her with a certificate and free personal training session to say thank you for all her hard work and commitment in reaching this milestone.

Dawn, a student at the University of Kent, had this to say about her personal training experience:

“I started personal training with Darius in February 2014. I had worked in London before coming back to University and had personal trainers there, so I was very excited when Kent Sport introduced personal training.

There is always a little anxiety when you start with a new personal trainer. You worry about what they are looking for, how hard they are going to push you and whether you are going to “click”. Darius was great at putting me at ease and we clicked straight away.

I buy my personal training in blocks of six sessions. We alternate sessions between intervals and weights and the sessions run for an hour; we normally finish each session with core exercises. It’s hard work but I come out feeling amazing and knowing that I have been through a really tough work out.

The results have been amazing. I took a long break over the summer last year but came back in September 2015 determined to really go for it. Since then I have lost around 20lbs and moved to a whole new level of fitness. In fact, I feel fitter than I have in the last 20 years or so and am even starting to think about training for a mini-triathlon! Even at the age of 52 it’s good to have a fitness goal to go for.

I really look forward to my sessions with Darius. I know it is going to be hard work and he is going to push me to my limits but the results speak for themselves. I would absolutely recommend personal training to anyone looking for a way to raise their fitness levels. Having the ability to work 1-1 with someone like Darius, getting to know them and having your fitness increase week by week makes for the most amazing feeling. I am amazed by what I can do now compared to when we started out. So don’t be shy – go ahead and give it a go – you really won’t regret it!”

Darius Ashtari, Dawn’s Health and Fitness Instructor, had this to say about her:

“First of all I would like to start by saying congratulations to Dawn for completing her 10th block of personal training.

I have been training Dawn since we first launched Personal Training here at Kent Sport in February 2014. Dawn has got to be one of my most dedicated and hardworking clients I have ever had the pleasure of training. Every block I have increased the intensity and Dawn has stepped up every time and never fails to surprise me with her strength and endurance. Some of our sessions are about heart rate control and others are purely based on muscular strength. The only question left to ask Dawn is…. are you ready for what I have next installed for you?” 

Oli Prior – Health, Fitness and Performance Manager:

“Dawn has been a familiar face in the Fitness Suite since starting Personal Training early in 2014, she always trains with great endeavour and attitude and leaves her sessions with Darius with a spring in her step. Dawn is self-motivated enough to train alone outside of her sessions with Darius and benefits accordingly, she is a great ambassador for personal training at Kent Sport and an example to others in light of the commitment she demonstrates whether it be swinging a kettlebell, slamming a medicine ball or flipping the big blue TIYR!”

Personal training is available to all members and is competitively priced; visit the Kent Sport website for more information. To discuss your goals at a free consultation please complete a personal training enquiry form at the fitness suite reception in the Sports Centre or email To keep up to date with Kent Sport news, activities and special offers, don’t forget to Like us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter UniKentSports.

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