Belinda’s Xercise Factor – the final

These two weeks are the final weeks of the Xercise Factor and I can say that I feel amazing within myself to see how far I have come and how confident I am around the gym now! I can see changes in myself which is good and the more I practice or do a workout the better I become at it and what is amazing is I enjoy the opposite of what I was doing in the beginning when I used to go to the gym by myself. I was so scared to do strengthening exercises or use the machines because I thought I don’t know how to use it. It’s probably for people who are already fit anyway and all I need is cardio, funny how now I spend more time in the gym focusing of strengthening my body especially my legs and arms because now I can see that my muscles are starting to become visible when I tense and that makes me feel so good and strong! I have enjoyed the Xercise Factor so much and I am so glad that I signed up and feel so privileged to have been picked because now the lessons that Darius has given me I will use them in the future and already they are a normal routine for me in the gym. And I’m at a point in my life where I want to keep going because even though the change hasn’t been major I can feel it when I jumped on the scale although Darius told me not to I have lost about 4kg in five weeks which is amazing ! I’m so so happy! Below is just a video vlog that shows my workouts the past two weeks.

Belinda’s Xercise Factor vlog

One thing I really enjoyed about this experience is the motivation and someone believing you can do something and also just the knowledge that your trainer or any member of staff gives you when stuck or you want to try a new exercise!

I love love love spinning because I can really feel my heart rate up and down which makes me feel good and I feel like I get better with every session!

One thing I disliked is Darius’ letter exercise and how he punishes me with squats, haha!

Thank you all for this amazing experience it has been great high appreciated!

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