Kent Business School Academics among Most Read so far in 2018

Between January and April 2018 a paper contributed to by Kent Business School’s Dr Adolf Acquaye and Dr Godfred Afrifa, who recently joined the School, was among the most downloaded from the European Journal of Operational Research.

Entitled A quantitative model for environmentally sustainable supply chain performance measurement, the article appears amongst a group of most-read pieces stretching back across the journal’s history, with articles from as far back as the early 1990s appearing in the most recent ‘most downloaded’ list.

Key contributor, Dr Acquaye, who is a Senior Lecturer in Sustainability at Kent Business School, has a strong research focus on supply chain management, and especially on developing sustainability frameworks and models that drive more sustainable business practices and policies for a low carbon future.

The paper addresses the transition towards more sustainable supply chains and a greener global economy, specifically focusing on the development of performance measurement systems. Looking specifically at the metal products industry of BRICS nations (Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa) the paper presents five main highlights:

  • An industrial lifecycle thinking analytical view of supply chains
  • A supply chain model applied to global metal industries over 20 years (1992 – 2011)
  • Carbon emissions performance for selected countries is hypothesised
  • Effects of footprint, intensities and imports on performance are evaluated
  • Implications of supply chain modelling to management are discussed.

Contributing to the article alongside Dr Acquaye is Dr Godfred Afrifa, Lecturer in Accounting. Dr Afrifa has joined KBS having previously held positions at Canterbury Christ Church University, Bournemouth University and the London College of Social and Management Sciences, as well as work with Allied Security Contracts as a Chartered Accountant.

Dr Afrifa research interests are primarily related to small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs), access to finance, trade credit, working capital management, corporate governance and microfinance institutions.

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