Course Profile: MSc Digital Marketing and Analytics

Kent Business School's MSc programme in Digital Marketing and Analytics opens up a new world of understanding consumer behaviour.

Over the past decade it’s become pretty clear that the future of most businesses will be driven as much by understanding and acting on data as they will be wider market conditions and consumer behaviour. Increasing digital ‘reach’ and targeting the right people with the right messages is fundamental within current marketing trends and as technology platforms develop, so does the importance of digital marketing.

For graduates who wish to expand their knowledge of the theories and practices behind digital marketing and the associated analytics, Kent Business School’s Chartered Institute of Marketing accredited Digital Marketing and Analytics Master’s has all of the boxes ticked.

About the programme

Set over one year for full-time students or two years for part-time students, Digital Marketing and Analytics provides an advanced conceptual knowledge of the value of digital marketing in contemporary organisations.

The programme is wide-ranging and aims to provide a true 360-degree understanding of digital marketing as a discipline. The MSc covers the following key themes:

  • Web Marketing and Analytics: Helping you to recognise the role of web analytics within the digital marketing landscape, and practically apply web analytics tools and technologies to monitor performance of web based marketing activities. You will be trained to achieve an official Google Analytics certificate as part of this module.
  • The Digital Consumer: Examine the key factors that influence the digital consumer, including social networks and virtual communities, and how these play into online behaviour. Identify the importance of developing campaign content aimed at specific market segments and how campaigns can be measured.
  • Social Media Analytics: Explore multiple social media platforms for data collection and apply analytical methods to convert social media data to digital marketing insights.
  • Principles of Digital and Social Media Marketing: You will be presented with theoretical frameworks and models which are relevant to digital marketing practice and examine the development of supporting technologies for digital marketing. You’ll explore digital channels and their suitability for inclusion in integrated online and offline marketing campaigns.
  • Digital Marketing Data Mining and Analytics: You will learn data mining techniques and their use in marketing decision making. Gain practical experience critically applying software commonly used in contemporary organisations to support marketing strategies based on marketing data.
  • Emerging IT Trends for Digital Marketing: Marketing has become a digital process with IT an essential ingredient: Technology fundamentally supports digital marketing activities. We aim to introduce the emerging and on-going IT trends and the applications of these technologies.
  • Digital Marketing Strategy and Planning: Digital marketing has evolved from a set of tactical actions into a significant element of strategy. Develop an understanding on how organisations can implement digital marketing capabilities into strategic marketing planning.
  • Digital Marketing Research: Consumers create a massive amount of data in their day-to-day lives that can be harnessed for digital marketing. Utilising this link between consumers and their online habits, we provide you with an understanding of how analytical market research can inform digital marketing decisions and tactics.
  • Professional Skills and Employability Development: Develop skills and knowledge necessary for enhanced employability. We cover various subjects both directly and indirectly associated with future job roles within digital marketing.
  • Digital Marketing Report: This report focuses on the qualitative and quantitative approaches to marketing research. It will enable you to look at marketing objectives, interpret data and write and present a digital marketing report based on this.

Based in the heart of Medway

KBS’s Medway campus lies within the historic Chatham Dockyard – a globally-renowned centre of ship building which has more recently turned into a set for various TV shows and films. Critically, the Medway towns are just 40 minutes by train from central London, or just over an hour by car meaning that the University of Kent is more accessible to those coming from the capital. Take a look at our ‘Eight reasons to study in Medway’ blog for more of what the location has to offer!

The facilities at Medway rival those of any larger campus; there are several cafes, restaurants, bars and bistros on site, and the Student Hub is firmly at the heart of the action. There is a calendar of events run by the College Master’s Office including everything from stand-up comedy evenings and club nights to dry slope skiing and horse riding. Free and subsidised sports sessions at the state-of-the-art Medway Park sports centre adds to the opportunities available to you whilst studying your MSc in Digital Marketing and Analytics.

Find out more and apply for MSc Digital Marketing and Analytics. Further information about the Medway campus is also available online.

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