Dr Samantha Evans Features on ‘People Platform’ Programme on Channel Radio


Kent Business School’s Lecturer in Employee Relations and Human Resource Management, Dr Samantha Evans spoke on Channel Radio’s ‘People Platform’ show, presented by local HR expert, Fiona Stephens.

Dr Evans discussed her background, her work at Kent Business School and her research interest with host Fiona and CEO of Jobsinkent.com, Paul Andrews. The conversation then moved on to what line managers are, should and could be doing to help manage their staff better:

‘A lot of line managers now are expected to take on a lot of the HRM side of things, jobs that would usually have been managed and implemented by a HR department. My research shows that a lot of the line managers weren’t carrying out their policies and procedures, or they were but they were carrying out them completely differently, or that they weren’t sure what they were supposed to be doing.’

‘SMEs just don’t have the resources to have HR managers, so the HRM role falls to line managers. They’re profiled as ‘enthusiastic amateurs’. They don’t have the time to carry out all the required HR tasks, and they don’t have the expertise. As line managers become more engrossed in their work with their deadlines and targets, HRM becomes less of a priority, and this is where the long-term development and well-being of employees suffers.’

Listen to the discussion in full:

After her appearance, Samantha said: “I work closely with many practitioners for both my research and as Programme Director of the MSc HRM. I was invited on to the radio show by its host – Fiona Stephens – who is a guest speaker on our MSc HRM programme. The opportunity to discuss my research in a practical context through the medium of radio is a wonderful opportunity for both myself and KBS to really showcase the good work of applied research that we do here.”

Congratulations to Samantha from all at Kent Business School.

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