Excursion: For our first excursion we will walk the Crab and Winkle Way from campus to Whitstable.

Date: Friday 24 January 2020

Meeting time: 12.15pm for a 12.30pm departure.

Meeting place: Outside the entrance to the Senate Building

Number of participants: 8

Walking distance: 10km (campus to Whitstable), returning by bus

Duration: approximately 2.5hrs walking, plus bus travel from Whitstable to Canterbury

What do I need to know: The Crab and Winkle Way is a well signed path that (mostly) follows the routes of the former Crab and Winkle railway line. In some places the path is paved, but it is mostly gravel and occasionally muddy. We’ll go through woodland and fields, as well as the suburbs of Whitstable before reaching the sea. We will catch the bus back to Canterbury. There are no shops or cafes between campus and Whitstable, so please bring any food and drink you think you might need. Check the weather forecast, be sceptical, and make sure you’re appropriately dressed too.

Suggested reading: John Wylie, A Single Day’s Walking: Narrating Self and Landscape on the South West Coast Path, Transactions of the Institute of British Geographers 30 (2005) pp.234-247 (available online via Library Search).