The Estates Team: going bananas in rehearsal

The team from the Estates department met for the second time yesterday, as we launched into two festive pieces for performance next week – arrangements I’ve made of ‘Santa Baby’ and ‘Winter Wonderland’ with which to see out the end of this term, which had us in wintry mood as we explored the words, making sure consonants were clear and getting into the spirit of the pieces.

So eager was a member of staff from a different department to join us, that there was a joke that he would only be able to become a member by turning up to this rehearsal in a banana-suit. Imagine our surprise, then…

Going bananas…

I should assure readers of a nervous disposition that this is not going to become standard dress-uniform for the choir this year… Welcome aboard, Andrew!

4 thoughts on “The Estates Team: going bananas in rehearsal

  1. Andrew

    I think you should reconsider that last point, Dan. Think of the possibilities – a whole host of banana-themed ditties come to mind – perhaps Sue can find a budget for more suits?

  2. Andrew

    Well, it’s food for thought (sorry, neither could I!)… the Banana Boat Song… Yes, We Have No Bananas… the Banana Splits theme… best of all, how about I Like Bananas Because They Have No Bones?

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