Bass Desires: a poem about choirs and Christmas

Drama graduate and bass in this year’s Chamber Choir, Dave Newell, reveals his bardic side in this reflection on the choral year and Christmas carol-learning.

A Singer’s November

‘Twas two months before Christmas,
Under towers and spires,
Singers were bringing out
Carols for Choirs.

Their friends all had bonfires,
Guy Fawkes to remember.
But when you’re in a Choir,
Christmas starts in November.

“But Advent is ages away”
Their friends cry.
“You can’t yet sing Ding Dong
Merrily on High”

Then the singers will turn
Like a great wounded beast.
“Do you want Christmas
To be a musical feast?”

“Then we must take carol books
Down from the self,
‘Cos Christmas won’t sing
The damn carols itself.”

You look forward to Christmas
And I know that that’s true.
But remember the choirs
Get there much before you.

See for singers the year
Is two months ahead,
So do not be angry,
Think this way instead;

Lent in January,
All Saints in September,
Easter in February,
Christmas – November.

David Jonathan Newell

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