All of a piece: A Babe Is Born in rehearsal

A long rehearsal this week: lots of hard work, in a cold church. The term is starting to gather momentum, not just in terms of the number of musical events that are looming but also academically for the students: deadlines are fast approaching, coursework needing to be done. (Testament to this was the fact that one of the choir nearly left behind a coursework reading-list in the pews at the end of the rehearsal…no names…).

However, the Advent concert programme is starting to take shape, and, with just over a week to go, here we bring you a sneak preview of one of the pieces, A Babe Is Born, written by yours truly and sung with great zeal by the choir. Recorded at a cold and frosty rehearsal, it nevertheless gives a glimpse of what lies in store on Friday week, a blend of traditional as well as modern carols. More recordings to follow in due course.

Well done, team: not long to go now!

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